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N-Force Cyclone Universal Leg/Hip Combo Holster (RIGHT-HANDED, BLACK) CLEARANCE SALE Rifle MagBuddy4rifles (4 slots) (Sale) Fits "308 Rifle Mags"
Price: $79.99
Clearance Sale: $20.00
You save $59.99!
Price: $51.00
You save $23.00!
From the mad scientists at Kickin' A Packs comes the Cyclone, the newest member of our popular N-Force line of holsters, available in this promo in a right-handed configuration only. The Cyclone is a combo holster capable of being converted into either a tactical leg holster or a standard hip holster on-the-fly. An offshoot of early '90s military technology, the Cyclone is also a universal holster, and can be adjusted to fit any automatic handgun on the market. Additionally, the Cyclone accommodates lights and lasers! Throw in the Cyclone's compatibility with any size belt, extra mag holder, double-retention release strap, and double leg harness for impeccable stability... and you have one of the best cost-for-value holsters on the planet.

The Rifle MagBuddy is essentially a larger version of our original MagBuddy design. Same construction techniques - heavy-duty nylon material and a nylon webbing handle with 3500 pounds of rated break resistance.

However, the 6 slots have been widened and lengthened to accommodate rifle magazines of any size and caliber from .22 LRs to .223s and .308s. Even polymer magazines and AK banana clips fit into the Rifle MagBuddy! Forty rounds max capacity for most magazine types. The only adjustment which needs to be made is the velcro flap which holds the magazine in place, and it adjusts up and down from the inside with ease.

Put the Rifle MagBuddy in a range bag or your safe, or even a hunting pack or rifle case. Once you've used one of these babies, you'll be wondering why you hadn't bought one sooner!

That is the kind of innovation and quality which has made us famous.

Magazine Holder DOUBLE MAG HOLDER ONLY! The All-American Tommy's Gun Pack "Wholesale to the Public" Buy 1, or Buy 100 (Wholesale) Price $24.99 each This is American Made! Not imported Junk!
Price: $12.00
Warehouse Sale: $8.00
You save $4.00!
List Price: $162.99
Price: $162.99
Wholesale Price!! : $24.99
You save $138.00!
A wise man once said, "He who walketh around with extra magazines in his pocket is an idiot." Our magazine holders make carrying and storing your extra mags a breeze! They're made of machine-washable cordura and are double-stitched, so you can trust that they'll last a long while. Fully adjustable straps allow you to use our mag holders for single-stacked, double-stacked, and high-cap magazines. Our holders are available in a set of one or a set of ten (and everything in between), and are individually belt-looped so even the sets of ten sit comfortably on the belt! The bigger sets even collapse into neat little rolls for easy placement in a range bag. The All-American Gun Pack is highly concealable and highly usable. It is built to last forever and to endure all the extremes of any operating environment. With professional-grade features like 8000-lb rated nylon belt webbing, 1000-denier heavyweight nylon construction, careful cross-stitch triple reinforcement of the belt, the best buckles and zippers on the market, double- and quadruple-seamed monofilamental nylon thread, and the smoothest, simplest concealed weapon deployment system of its kind... it's no wonder the All-American Tommy's Gun Pack is the new standard in ultimate.