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Rifle Magazine and Accessory Holder! BELT LOOPED (TEN SLOTS) Todays Deal of the Day! "Try one for FREE""Great for Mags or Personal items" Only (one) per Customer

They don't sound fancy... but they are. These are fully nylon mag holders for AR and AK magazines. Use them for storage in a safe, transport in a range bag, or as a vital accessory on a tactical gun belt. The holders themselves, the double-stitched seams, the velcro, and the individually adjustable restraint webbing are all built from heavy-duty nylon and 100% handmade to last. You've never seen rifle mag holders like these. Individually belt-looped for stable deployment on any professional-grade carry platform, they make a sturdy protective sheath for 10-, 20-, 30-, and even some 40-round magazines.