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Hey Pat!! I just received my Elite Gun Pack and I gotta say you guys did one hell of
a job with this one!  I've used your "regular" gun packs for years and they've
served me well.  With the Elite pack, you've really raised the bar.  The velcro
adjustments are a fantastic upgrade, as well as the new extra large size.  That
puppy can now hold all of my "big" guns with room to spare!  Just wanted you to 
know I'm extremely pleased with the new pack!  Now I just have to get a couple more
in different colors and I'm set.  Thanks for a great product!!

                                                       Patchin Hartless
                                                       Aurora, CO.

Tom, you can absolutely use my e-mail in your testimonial compilation!!!  I'd be
very glad to help get the word out about the new gun pack. Seeing how great this new
gun pack is makes me wonder what else you guys have up your sleeves!!  Looking
forward to finding out.  I hope the sales for your new gun pack go through the
roof!!  Take care!!

Dear Tom,
Greetings; I am so pleased with the products I purchased from you that I
am planning on purchasing some others.
Laszlo Pasztor, Jr.

Got the delivery today, looks great and fits my pistol perfectly.

Looking forward to putting the pack to use...thanks again for the sale!

Thanks so much! I look forward to being able to carry on my walks!

I received it on Friday and am very happy with your product.
Andy Falenski


My replacement pack arrived today, in perfect shape. I want to thank you for your
prompt and professional response. I am a satisfied customer!!

Hi There,
I just received my The Elite Tommy's Gun Pack and have to say WOW! This is wonderful.
I'm a small woman who likes to carry a big gun and this is perfect for my
Springfield XD 40.

Thanks again for a great product.

Hi. I got my sidekick today. Thanks. The bag really is great. You're right. 
It absolutely doesn't scream  gun, even though it holds my springfield and 
ruger perfectly.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. My groom is looking forward  
to receiving his as well.

Ilana Krop Wilensik

The design is unique and quality is great!
David McCarthy

Hi, just a note of thanks for the large pack in navy blue I bought online during
your recent weekend special (on 5-30).  This rig would be more than worth the full
asking price... I see that I have really gotten a deal-and-a-half with this sale!

"Field-testing" of my pack is underway as I type this...I suspect I'm going to be
coming to you for a mallard-green pack soon to match my CERT (Community Emergency
Response Team) gear.

Have a great week!
Audrey Brown

Our Gun Club has periodic fund raisers so I will donate the extra pack [you sent]
(in your name) as an item for our silent auction.

Thank you for a good product and great customer service.

Thanks for all your help.
I will be ordering from you again.

I will be placing another order this week .
Thanks for the great product.
Take Care,

Hi Pat,
I'm loving my gun pack & am getting ready to re-order some more stuff.
Thanks – Dave

I just bought $200 dollars worth of gear from you.
Mostly Pistol inserts, and also the Tommy Elite Pack.
I'm very pleased with the fanny pack. It is exactly what I was looking
for, great quality.

Wonderful news. My wife will be happy. Since you gave me such a good
deal I decided to buy one [gun pack] in each usable size, and one extra
to have sent over to me to "play" with while in Iraq. Thanks again.


I hope all is well with you guys. It is always good to do business with you.
Clinton Thompson

Thank you!!!! I appreciate the opportunity to reorder and I am [doing so] today.

I hope to find more needs for your packs so I can return the favor WITH MORE
BUSINESS for you.

Ed Yurek


I do appreciate the very attentive customer service. And, while I'm  
looking forward to seeing how the Sidekick works with my SIG P229, do  
please take what time you need; this is not a RUSH order.


Hi Tom,

Thanks a bunch for the response.
I appreciate that you read it and honestly replied.

Ok, I'm going to order a few more pistol inserts.

Looking forward to them.

Keep up the good work.


Just got my Sidekick pack yesterday and love it, like to order the extra
small one for my Kahr PM9.


Many thanks, both for the crediting to my account and the prompt shipment.  
Have a great July 4th weekend.

Thank you for getting back to me.  I had ordered the gun case for my son's birthday
and was just following up on the order. You have great products and I will
send others your way when I can.
Thanks again,  
Michael Foley

I’ve used your packs for the last thirteen years. Thanks for making a great product.

I saw the pack you made for NatalieZett and your design and craftsmanship
was superb!


After having my sidekick for a month now I am very happy with it.  It has been
perfect for my original intended usage, that is longer outings with lots of walking
(tourist type), hiking, and biking.  The longer I have it the more I realize how
much more day-to-day I would be able to use the variation I had mentioned to you
before, basically a sidekick with the belt/strap/clips mounted such that it would be
worn bandoleer/messenger bag style.  

I was wondering if you guys had pursued any product development along those lines. 
I would love to get one, or even help prototype if necessary.


I am happy with the merchandise.

Tom Dini,

I like the dual 2" belt loops sewn on the bag between the bag and the belt. 
That way both attachment items are available at the same time. I can use 
the belt to attach, and the belt loops to stop forward or backwards travel.

My wife Loves the sidekick, wears it with the dog and kayaking...


Thanks for the great product.  Keep up the great work.


I am glad you feel you have room for my suggestion in your product line.
Your company offers great response and customer service and have been
giving your website to many several people and I know it has resulted in
at least one order this past weekend.

I just ordered an Elite Gun Pack and am anxious to receive it, along
with my new, small size Sidekick.  While I have always used gun pack
sparingly in public (depending on what I am doing, job requirements,
etc), I really like them for their use as a "grab and go" kit pack that
will keep all of your necessities in one place.

Thanks again and keep up your good work and innovations.


Hi Pat;

First, let me congratulate you on a very fine line of products. I wear 
an original Gun Pack daily (carrying a Springfield XDM-40 and ArmaLaser 
RSS) and love it, and I have a second pack that I use while dirt biking. 
My Super Redhawk Alaskan fits a size Large gun pack perfectly, as long 
as there is nothing else in the pack. 

Thanks very much for your attention,

John D.

Hi Pat,
I got my "Sidekick". I looked at everything I could find on the internet.
I am so happy with my selection. I have an M&P 40 cal compact semi auto. 
It fits just perfect. Small and compact with lots of extra space.
Thanks, Scott


Thanks for the long reply. I ordered a gray Elite last night.

I have posted about Tommy's Gun Packs on a couple of other sites in 
their Off Topic forums, but they aren't firearms forums so I won't 
bother you with their links.

I really do appreciate your products and great customer service. I am 
looking forward to receiving my birthday present - the Elite bag. Also, 
thanks so much for the free stealth zipper pulls.


Hi - and thanks for your response. I appreciate your checking into this.
Good customer service!
-Chris Gritti

I love the gun pack Pat ..! Thanks  i use it all the day wen I ride my bike
to my job and it works just fine. It now looks like a bicycle pack because i
put a patch on it so is very low profile :) thanks good job --R.R. 

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the update [on my order]. 
Take care and thank Pat for me also.


Thank you for everything!



Thank you for your attention to great customer service.

Morgan J.

Thanks guys!
-chris gritti

Just got my Sidekick pack.  This thing is awesome and I can't wait to give
it a try.  I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship in this.  I
also greatly appreciate your willing to work with me so I could get the pack
in time for vacation.

You all are a great company to deal with and I will reccommend you without

Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
Steve Hoffman

I understand and appreciate all of you there.  Thanks again.
Clint T.

Fyi, I got the case swapped out at Ken's on Saturday. Great customer service!

Got [the gun pack] today and it's great - thank you for the follow-up!
System Center Service Manager

Excellent, thank you so much for your prompt service. 


I have received BOTH items and I am very pleased with them.  Thanks for
all of your attention and I look forward to obtaining gear from your
company again.


Hey thanks for the reply. I knew that the 4th sale response could be overwhelming. I
understand the delays, and look forward to receiving my stuff.  

                        Thanks Jack

Thanks for the update....
It came in yesterday (the same day that I received this email).
Excellent quality as usual.


Within minutes after sending an email about my order #4530 the USPS
delivered it to my front door.  How did you pull that off?


PS: Your products are excellent!

Hi Tom, I sent off the last email by accident before I was finished. I just 
wanted to thank you for honoring the price. I promise you will be 
rewarded by achieving complete customer satisfaction, which equates  to 
many future purchase by me, and profits to you.  Again, Thank you for  the 
awesome packs and  service.                                  
Dr Todd S. Behrmann

Hey guys,

I have several of your Elite packs and a waist rig.
Love the quality.
I also ordered a Extra Small side Kick recently.

Like I said love the pack.
Thank you,

Kirk Williams

You are correct! Not to worry. You made it right. I will continue to  
send my shooting friends to you! –Ilana

Thanks for the Email,got them today 17th. 
Exceptional quality,am very pleased with the packs.
Thank you
Mike Carlson

Pat.... I have one of your Original Gunpacks and love the thing.  I wear it
all the time throughout the summer and have actually considered buying 
another one in a different color to offer some variety.  I've also 
recommended the Original to several friends, all of which bought and use 
theirs on a regular basis.
Mike Teague
Orlando, FL

Hey Pat.  I'm a pleased owner of several Tommy's products. Keep innovating, my friends.

No problem.  Thanks for the update.  Your excellent products are worth the wait! 

PAT --
I'd like to say how much I appreciate your product.  I've had mine for  
the last 10yrs and am replacing mine because of the stitching at the  
top of the front large pocket.  I'm glad for the new colors as well.


Hi Guys,
I really like your gear, and have several pieces (as you can see from my order history).
Thanks, love your emails.
Dean Baker

Thanks Tom, as usual you guys are the best.  I wish everyone I dealt with 
was so easy to work with.

Sorry to hear about the fires hitting close to home.  As a misplaced 
Californian I know about the recurring cycle; fire season, mudslide 
season.... I hope things turn out well for your colleague and all those in 
harm's way.

I will give you a call in the next day or so with all the info.
Thanks again.


Hello Pat, 

You have been very kind, with great customer service when I had some technical problems with past packs.

I finally wore one out!  My mag wore through the front panel.  I will have it patched to use as a spare.

I love the product!  The large does well for my .45.

Thanks again,
George Hanson

Pat —
Just returned from the mailbox with [my new gun pack].  Put it on; S&W M.39  fits 
well within gun pocket:  no interference between zipper and hammer.

Thank you.

I observe that the new gun pack is (or appears to be) larger than my 
pack from ten or so years ago.  My wife says it "looks" better; she also 
extends her appreciation.

Again, thank you; best wishes upon your endeavors and for your health.

Keep up the excellent innovation.


Got the pack today. It is amazing. The quality is just unreal. It took a long time but I must say it is amazing. Thanks!

Douglas & Michelle Haber

The bag arrived and it is a fine one!
–Jim Spain

I appreciate the good service even if it took a while.  :-) 
Since I've started pistol shooting this year (I've been a firearms
enthusiast for about 40 years but never with handguns as a hobby), and 
especially since I was Permitted to carry concealed and started carrying 
concealed, I've been a fan of pistol-bellybags, and since I bought my 1st 
Tommy's Gunpack, I've been a BIG fan of your pistolpacks.  I've bought 
many, at $60, $30, $20, 2-for-$30 (I think), 'free', etc.  After selling 
one new one to a friend, I currently possess 5 plus these repaired 2.  
On order are 4 more.  I've also bought medium and large rangebags.  
I guess I just can't resist the special prices.  :-)

It is very much to my liking. this is my third gunpack from tommygunpack. 
i was never disappointed with any of them. 

NO problem.

Thanks for getting me squared away!

The product you are making is (at least in my opinion) the best of it's 
kind bar none!

Take care,

Hey Pat!
Thank U' So Much 4 Ur' Help! I Received The Buckle & It's BEAUTIFUL & It 
Fits My Duty Belt Perfectly... In Addition, I Want 2 Also Thank U' 4 The Super Kool 
T-Shirt U' Guys Sent Me... This Is Wat' U' Call OUTSTANDING Customer Service!!! 
I Will Definitely Be Doing Business With U Guys Again In The NEAR Future!!! 
Thanks Again Pat!!! 

Thanks for the reply.  The pack is of the highest quality both in
craftsmanship and design.

The pack is perfect and will work...  Three little
black Velcro loops as "keepers" and I'm good to go.
Thanks, and I will be ordering from you again!

My sidekick has arrived!
The wait was long but as I suspected, worth it.
Take care,


Hi Pat,
I got my order a few days back...the brown sidekick. I just wanted to
say thanks for the great job as usual and thanks for the bonus too (I
wanted that size). I'll let my friends know about your stuff, and I'll
be back...

Matthew Beard

Hi Pat.  Just received my gunpack.  Fit is perfect.  Awesome concepts built 
into this pack.  I know I'm going to like the use of it very much.  Thanks 
for the quick service.  I was bragging about it before I even received it.  
I'll be ordering one for my Springfield Armory 1911 V16 Longslide in the near 
future (kind of big to carry, but one of these packs would change that for me).
Thanks again.  You now have another loyal customer.  Lewis McKinney

Thanks Pat for your patience in explaining my misunderstanding.  You have been 
very tactful through this.  I will continue to be one of your loyal customers, and 
will communicate to others of your great products and customer service.  By the way, 
I do like the large gunpack (it allows me to carry a hand gun that was not 
comfortable to carry prior to receiving this pack).  I look forward to hearing from 
you in the near future, and doing business with you again.  
May God bless you and your business.


Thanks for sending that out!  Yeah the backpack was purchased with this specific trip 
in mind, I am in Singapore and Malaysia for work for a couple weeks and needed something 
to handle all my stuff.


Thank you so much Pat.  Your generosity is appreciated.  I will be a long time 
customer for sure.  I will tell buds about your sales asap too.


Pat, I want to thank you once again for your diligence in the follow-up in dealing with 
the [incorrect shipping] address issue ... it takes time to do all that and I appreciate it;
especially as you were kind enough to do the BIG ONE again .... ...
Thanks a lot and thank you for all you do ... 

Hi Pat,

What you're saying is absolutely correct .... ...
Like I said ... I appreciate all you do and I hope that you, your family and your 
company prosper as we continue into this decade; it's a treat to do business with you.


Richard M.

Thanks for your prompt reply, It is a pleasure doing business with a company 
like yours!
Thanks again
Steve Shain

Thank you.  I will look out for the email alert for when they do go on sale.  I have had my 
original Tommy's Gun Pack that I bought at a Las Vegas Convention in the year 2000. It is f
inally on its last leg, so to speak. Time to replace!


Thank you for your prompt and professional attention! In today's economy, other than a 
quality product and good price, nothing is more important and valuable than excellent customer 
service and attention.
Happy Holidays!
Best Regards,
Abel Reynoso

Thank you.  It sounds like you have designed the pack carefully.  I'll look at the pics tonight.  
I also plan to order the large size discrete pack with Zipper upgrade.
There are several gun blogs out there that come up easily when you search on specific guns, or as 
I did, on fanny packs for handguns.  Various participants then talk about what they use, like and 
dislike.  I found several references to your packs in these and they were always positive. 

Bill Schneider

Got the gunpack. Awesome. No other gunpack that I have seen like it. Sits just right on your waist 
and super  comfortable, firm ,  strong and rugged feeling. Plus it's light and doesn't weigh you 
down, even with a heavy full size gun . You can barely  tell it is on, even in the car. 
Just a super design. Worth ever penny. Adam 

Good Evening Pat, and Merry Christmas to you!  
You are a SUPERSTAR!  Thank you very much for making me feel so much better.  You know the saying, 
"what comes around, goes around?"  I've always said that it doesn't always mean negative things, 
but can mean good things too.  Obviously I've done something right to someone, sometime, because 
today I got my payback.
Now, you're +1 on the "comes around, goes around" list, so surely you'll have some good Karma in your 
future.  :-) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Sincerely and Gratefully,

Hi Pat,  I already received the pack -- 2 day shipping is not bad. I am impress at how well it is 
made and is a very comfortable fit. Keep me posted if any LIMITED PRODUCTION Darkwood Elite Gun Pack 
ever go on special. I will buy one of them immediately.

Thanks again
Terry Larson 

It arrived today. I am more than pleased with the quality and with the service. Thank-you very much.

Hi Pat & Co.

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you all !!!!!! I look forward to receiving my gunpack ... 
thanks for all you do and I hope to do business with you in the future.

Thank You for the prompt service!!
Look forward to receiving my pack. 

Love your products!


I have tried many fanny packs over the last thirty years - including one I "manufactured" myself before 
they were popular - and yours is far and away the gun best pack out there.
Thank you for such a great product. 


By all means send the keeper and I'll get the rest of it worked out and send a pic or 2 for you.
(I've got a "brother" who is a wizard with nylon and he owes me a favor or 3...)

I'm both impressed and grateful that you've taken the time to really look at this concept.  It seems that 
you too know one of the great "secrets" to making "niche" gear...I've learned quite a bit listening to my 
customers and have made more than one product change based on what these guys like/don't like.... my regret 
is that I don't have the time to really "wring out" some design concepts myself (too much work, and not 
enough time to "play" as it were).

I'll keep an eye peeled for those nasty critters!   I'm pretty sure the other dads/leaders aren't familiar 
with your product so after I get a good "read" on 'em will let those interested know where it came from.  
For the others, it'll just be a super-cool pouch for "essential gear" (first aid, etc).   Hoping I'll have 
some time to train with it a bit before heading into "meth-beargar" country!

Take care,
B. Wagner

OK! that settles it. I am happy with my choosing the Elite and look forward to seeing it in person. 
Thanks very much for your time.
Have a great New Year.

This isn't my first gunpack (order 8450), I've carried a Tommy's Gunpack everyday for the past 4 years. 
 They last about 5 years before they re worn out and need to be replaced.  I use it as a sholder bag.

I just wanted you to know that my first "Tommy's Gun Pack" lasted for almost 15 years (I must have purchased 
one of the originals in Portland, Oregon).  I used it almost every day.  Thank you for making a great product.  
I looked around for a replacement pack at the gun shops around town and none could compare to Tommy's.  The only 
thing that failed after nearly 15 years was the zipper on the middle storage compartment.  I continued to use it 
that way for about a year until I spilled synthetic motor oil on the pack (yuck).
You have a customer for life.
Best, M.B.

I very much appreciate your help and time. I think you have great products and service; that is why I keep ordering.
--Eric K.

thanks again for the quick shipping. Looks like a great carry bag!

 The straps showed up yesterday.  With great customer service like this, I will definitely look to your company again.  
And I will tell me partners from work about it, too.
Thanks again. 

I bought the Discrete model last year and LOVE it!  The quality, durability, and sweatproof are incredible! 
The only problem is I need more space for my personal items, so I'm ordering the Elite!  The quality of your 
gun packs is unbelievable, and you would never guess my gun pack is a year old!  I LOVE Tommy's Gun Packs!  
Thank you, Pat, for making such a quality item!

Good afternoon...I'm an already satisfied customer who is just blown-away by your current free-pack offer!  Wow!  

I took you up on the encouragement from your most recent customer email notice and posted the offer on my
favorite online forum, SigForum.com.  My post there is generating some very favorable comments (if you visit that site, 
see the "CCW Methods and Issues" forum and search on "Tommy's Gunpacks."   I post under the user name [XXXXXXXXXXXXX]
there, so that might help you find it, also) and hopefully some additional customers for your company.

I'm far from the only fan of your products from that site...keep up the great work!


I have bought @ least 2 tommysgunpacks and 3 double pistol totes and a few other items from tommysgunpack. 
If you don't quit putting everything on sale, my wife may kill me. Keep up the great work!

Just wanted to provide you folks with some feedback. After paying only $15.00 total for a new [FREE + shipping]
Gun Pack, I opened the package and found a product that not only was well made, but works. The only fanny type pack 
that I have found that will carry my 45acp well. When I put it on, my wife asked if the gun was in the pack, 
yes it is I told her, she could not believe it. Great product, thanks so much for all the work that went 
into the design and construction. I will pass this on to friends. 

Tom Lavery

I received my gun pack today. I could not be happier. I said I would like it by Xmas and you delivered.
I am most certain that you went out of your way and much beyond that to have me happy today.
The gun pack is superb in quality.
You can be assured you will be recommended to my friends at every opportunity.
Merry Xmas to you and your family and employees.
Joel Gemberling

I received my gun pack and am extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the excellent customer service. 
I understand that it has been difficult filling orders during the holiday season yet received my pack as promised. 
I will certainly order other products from you in the future. Thanks again and Happy New Year!
Best regards,
Marty Bloem


Received my RANGE BAG today. For the sake of brevity -"WOW."
I can hardly wait for the FANNY PACKS.
You guys do nice work.But then, you have heard that before.
Thanks for indulging me, the most recent convert to your pool of talent.
Jeff Ross

Hi Pat -- the pack arrived late this afternoon, and it is awesome. Thank you very much. Not sure why or how the delay 
took place from when it was sent, but, the final product makes the wait worthwhile. Thanks again, and thanks for sticking 
up for the Second Amendment.

The Ver2Go holster is functional, innovative and, by virtue of it's simplicity, the elegant solution.
Thank you for great products and great prices. I hope business is doing well.

hey pat---received my pack today--- order placed 9 weeks ago.....WELL WORTH THE WAIT!  rare these days especially on an 
Internet order to see a product that arrives above expectations. the quality, material, price and the obvious PRIDE that 
went into the production is, again, way above the norm. if the price i have to pay these days to purchase a quality product 
not made in a foreign country by slave labor is a little extra time........well, you have a lifetime customer with me. 
thanx again!   
mike mchugh.

I just received my pack, and I just wanted to let you know that I am very 
impressed with the quality of it and will be recommending it to all.

A. McIntosh

Wouldn't you just figure?  I actually got the pack about 1 hour after I sent 
the email & it is awesome.  Thanks!!!!!!

Thanks  - Anne

Received my order today. It was worth the wait. It fits my Ruger SR9c perfectly. Works as advertised. Has extra space for 
essentials as well. I particularly got kick out of the fridge magnet; cracked me up. The little targets were a plus. 
Nice work. You have my word of mouth recommendation. 

Charles Cusumano


I got my pack today, thank you.  I have to say I am very impressed with the 

Scott Plucinski

The order arrived today (Thurs) Thanks very much. It looks super, fits well!


Pat, received the pack today and couldn't be more pleased!
Thanks, Gerry

Thanks Pat,
All products are outstanding in quality and innovation.
I have given some as gifts to expose friends to the company.
Great stuff AND great customer service? Is this heaven?

I received the package today. The sidekick looks like a real quality product.


        BOB REIN

I received the pack, thanks so much.  Very nice. -Mike

Thanks Pat, I love your gear and Will continue to sing its praises. I apologize for my frustration this morning, it is 
always stressful getting ready to leave family, friends, and get things done before heading back to the fight. 
Have a great day, and God bless my friend.

Vernon J. Anderson

I can tell.... you are great business people! I'm sure I will be very happy 
with my Gun Pack. I look forward to receiving it.
Make it a great day!

Thank you for your rapid reply and also thank you for providing such a great 
product that supports us Sheepdogs.
Roger T.

Hello, I recieved my order today, thank you very much. Wow this is a very well made product, it lives up to your'e description.
Louis R.

Hey Pat.  I received the pack today.  My Glock 26 fits perfect and the bag
is deep enough to hold an extra mag at the bottom.  What a compact unit!
Thanks a lot.  James Linesch.

Hi Pat,
I'm Bob Vogelbaum, and just wanted to let you know that I received the Tommy's Gun Pack in the mail today. 
Coast to coast in just a few days and over a weekend at that! 

Just wanted to thank you for the upgraded pack - the built in mag. loops will come in handy. 
I normally carry IWB, but sometimes here in Florida that can be impractical, so I've been meaning to try one of your packs 
for a while.  Hate to admit it, but I'm one of the fools that bought one of those Chinese made counterfeit packs being sold 
on eBay.  They'll be hearing from me very, very soon.
Have a great day.

Best Regards,
Bob Vogelbaum 

It's hard to find some body who operate like you these days 
I am happy that I found your business 


Just a note to say I received the Gun Packs and I'm very pleased with



Hi Pat
Thanks a lot for the great service.
I just received my Discrete Low-Pro Sidekick and couldn’t be happier.
Its great to see something still made in the GREAT OL U.S.A.
Thank You
William Wood

Thanks Pat.. I received the pack tonight.. Happy New Year and thanks for getting your product to me.. 
I will recommend your company to other friends..

I have owned one of your Tommy's Gun Pack (black, large, left hand) for about 4 years.  I am now 
considering replacing it because one of the "tangs" on the plastic buckle has broken.  I ordered a new buckle 
online, intending to sew it on the belt myself, but it wasn't an exact match. The original buckle is still 
marginally functional, but I'd rather replace the fanny pack to prevent the remaining "tang" from 
releasing at a very inopportune moment.
THEN...I found the tag reading "Tommy's Gun Pack" stitched inside the fanny pack!  Eureka!  I now know I can 
purchase a new fanny pack!  When I searched online, I found your website--hence this email. 
I have held a Colorado Concealed Weapons Permit for about 6 years and I found that a fanny pack is my personal 
best method of concealed carry.  I tote a Glock 29, an extra magazine, and my wallet in my Tommy's Gun Pack 
everywhere I go.  The Glock 29 is a little heavy for my tastes, but it carries nicely in the Gun Pack and it's 
one of the lightest firearms I could find that featured the size versus firepower capability that I felt would 
suffice as a true self-protection handgun.
I purchased my Tommy's Gun Pack at a Colorado gun show. In the past, I carried my concealed weapon in various 
"velcro-type" fanny packs and never felt comfortable with them--they all seemed like standard fanny packs that 
had a cheap "holster" added as an afterthought.  Every fanny pack I tried featured noisy velcro and very narrow, 
uncomfortable belts, and began to "come apart" after a few uses.  When I saw your Tommy's Gun Pack demonstrated 
at the gun show, I knew I had to try it.  It was obviously designed for one thing:  carrying a concealed firearm 
in a fashion that gives the wearer almost instant access to the firearm, in addition to being manufactured in a 
comfortable, heavy-duty manner.  
I have never had a reason to "pull" my weapon, but wherever I go, I always have the confidence that I can reach 
it on a moment's notice.  In the meantime, the extra pockets in my Tommy's Gun Pack carry my wallet, my glasses, 
and a few other accessories.  Anywhere I go, the first two things I grab are my truck keys and my Tommy's Gun Pack.
You have designed a superior product and I would endorse it at any time.  Keep up the good work.

p.s.  I you find poor grammar or spelling in this email, please pardon me--I was in a hurry. :)

Thank You. I have really enjoy and use the packs. They are top quality. Thanks for making such a great product.

Received my order, and must say the gunpack is very well built and serviceable!  Not bad looking either. 
Will expect years of good use. Will also keep an eye out for other things I might need, and hope to do more 
business in the future.  Have a great holiday, and the best for the new year!  --DS  

Came today and it is just what I expected - thanks
- Steve

Pat thanks so much for such a great product . My pack came today and I'm very impressed . 
I wont forget the service or the quality . Mike Malm

Hello Pat,
Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with my Pack
Great Service, Fast Shipping and a Pure Quality Product.
Can't wait till they go on sale again.

I received my gun pack today. It is very nice, works beautifully and is indeed, well made! Thank you!
I appreciate your good business.
Thank you again,

Received - thanks. Great product!!
-Thomas W.

Hi Pat, received the pack yesterday, all I can say is....WOW!
Great craftmanship, appreciate the up grades, does everything you claim it would do, plus.
Had it on today out and about, very comfortable, hardly knew I had a pack on (the belt 
really does the trick for comfort), easily deploys the fire arm when needed.
I'll certainly take this to my next IDPA match and let the men and women check it out.
Thank you and all your people for a great product.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
I imagined that you'd probably be swamped with the "Lakers Win" offer, but 
was mildly concerned thet I'd been "lost" in the shuffle...
My other Tommy pack has lived up to my expectations, hence I was pleased to 
be on the mailing list for your NBA Championship offer, and tried to take as 
early of an advantage as possible...
I like the bag (and its features), which is why I ordered a larger one to 
fit my P229 (the boss got the medium to hold her P239)
Again, thanks for your efforts and special sales.
Best regards,
Duncan Thomson

Hi Pat
The pack arrived, and it is a beauty!  Thanks for the great pack and excellent customer service.
Merry Christmas!
Mark Withers

Pat and Tom -
I can't thank you both enough for your quick and kind service on my latest order.  Pat, I was 
fortunate to catch you on the phone for spec information.  The updated design on the Elite is PERFECT!  
It's got all the extras the Elite initially offered, and you incorporated what I loved about the 
original pack.  I am very pleased.
There must have been a black one ready to ship, because I got this thing very quickly!
Thank you both, again.  Your pride in workmanship and service to the law enforcement (and gun-totin') 
community is very much appreciated.  Oh, and thanks once again for the good-guy price... icing on the cake!

Hi Pat,
After my email to you earlier today, I was checking the mail box and my side kick was in there. You guys 
put out a top notch product and the quality and craftsmanship was excellent. There are cheaper packs out there, 
and when you look at them, you can see why they. You get what you pay for. 
Anyway, Thanks again,
Adam Alexander

Just wanted to let you know I came across your website tonight and was glad to find it.  I purchased one of 
your large D-range bags while shooting the USPSA Area 6 Championship a few years ago.  I love it.  I intend 
on buying from you a Pistol Insert/Rug in the coming weeks/months.
Thanks for making a great product. 

Hi, Pat!
I just wanted you to know that I received my pack on Friday, August 20th.  Sorry for being so impatient.  I
 love the pack.  I look forward to seeing your weekly specials--maybe I will order one as a birthday gift for 
my husband.  Thanks, again.
Sandy Wahlquist

Hello again Pat,
I got the gun pack a few days ago --- and so far I love it! It's handsome & seems well built. (And holds the 
1911 perfectly!) I am please with the purchase --- just thought you would want to know. I am hoping it will 
last for years.
Thanks again. 

Thank you for your response.  I always like dealing with independent American businessmen and craftsmen; 
this is what made the U.S. what was, is and can be again.   Best wishes for your continued success.   
Thanks,  Dan

First, thank you so much for responding to my email so promptly.  I appreciate that more than you know.  
I certainly understand you being overwhelmed and am happy to hear so many people enjoy your packs.  
I have purchased a few gun packs from you and you will never know how much I love them!  I have gotten 
family members, acquaintances and strangers to order them as well.  I'm a strong believer in Tommysgunpacks. 
I've not found another gun pack that is close to being equal. 
Secondly, you certainly don't have to put my order on the top of the stack, but I thank you greatly for 
assisting me so I can get these important gifts to my family members in time for Christmas.  We take our 
protection seriously and we use your products exclusively because we trust them so much. 
The week I recieved my concealed handgun license in the mail I immediately put my Glock 19 in my gun pack I 
had ordered months in advance, so relieved I could legally carry in the stores with that license. I'm a small 
framed woman and I guess I look like an easy target because I've certainly had enough close calls.  I had my 
gun pack on and wouldn't you know it right in the electronics dept. of my local Walm-Mart I was approached by 
a thug with jailhouse tatoos all up and down his neck.  He stood in front of me and I calmly and  easily 
upsnapped my clasp on my tommygunpack and was ready for whatever may come next, but to my surprise he glanced 
down at my pack for about 5 seconds and turned hastily on the balls of his heels and left.  I don't know if he 
knew what he was looking at or just wondered what might be in there that I was making a move for, BUT  I just 
took a deep sigh of relief and I NEVER leave home without my tommysgunpack EVER.  When I'm at home I move it 
from room to room and keep it near me at all times even when I sleep.  Thank you for a well built and 
wonderful product and one that I trust!
Thank you for helping me get my order to my family members in time for Christmas. 
Merry Christmas to you, your family and your staff!
Very respectfully yours,
Jennifer Janise

Hi Pat... Chad here :)
Thank you for you FAST reply...   You guy's are AWESOME.    Especially your products.   I have about Everything 
in your store...lol.    Like I said... not upset at all.   
I'm wearing a Tommy's holster right now.... btw.
Have a Great Day. 
Chad in Iowa :)

Hi Pat,
Wow, I have to say that I am impressed all the way around with your services.
You delivered my gun pack in the timeframe that was promised on your website.  The craftmanship on this pack is 
absolutely wonderful.  It is so much nicer than the flimsy gun packs I've seen elsewhere.  The pack fits and 
conceals my Ruger P95 extremely well, and is very comfortable.
If you need a testimonial, please feel free to use mine.  I'm a happy customer!
Thank You,
Alan Grosheider

Hi Pat I got both the packs today, Thanks again they are nice !!


I just wanted to thank you for a great product.  I've shared my experiences with your gun packs on Defensive Carry forums.


I love the medium gun pack for everyday and the large that I have sees it use in the woods with my Ruger 22/45.

Take care,

I got my pack today. It is great. I am very happy with the quality and the operation of the pack. Thank you for a great product.
Jim Bowman

Received this and the other Explorer bag today.  Great service and very hi-quality product.  Thx.
Barry J, Phoenix, AZ  USA

To my Shooting Buddies--
This is a VERY nice smallish bag; true to my identity as Mr. Excess, I bought 2 during the last sale.  As Katherine will testify, 
I have several shooting bags.  Some are too big, some too small, some too …too….  This'n just right for me.  I can carry 2 bagged 
pistols plus ammo, muffs, waterbottle, and so many magazines I keep all 7 of my GAP magz in the bag permanently.
I suppose if Tommy's had 3 colors acceptable to me--that yellow camo is NOT--I'd have 3 of them.  If you can scrape up $50 of 
excuses for another shooting bag, this'n's a good'n.