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The goal at Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff is to provide the kind of service and quality that we ourselves desire from the companies with which we do business. To that end, every product we sell has been manufactured to an extremely high standard, having been slowly honed and perfected through many field tests and years of vital feedback from our customers.

We take pride in what we offer so that you can take pride in your brand new gun pack, holster, rifle case, range bag, or whatever it is you purchase with the Kickin' A logo on it.

As such, all material and workmanship on every one of our items is guaranteed to last for life. Normal wear and tear is not covered by our warranty. We don't guarantee against entropy or the laws of thermodynamics. "Regular wear and tear" includes abrading a hole in the material. If you've abused your pack by wading through waist-high swamp water or trying to fit a gym locker's worth of stuff into a small zippered pocket, your pack is not covered by our warranty and we reserve the right to refuse a warranty return, on the basis of abuse, to anyone.

Zippers are the most notable element of a bag, pack, or case that we do not guarantee under any condition. Why? Simple. We use the best zippers ever. YKK, American-made... heavy-duty and self-repairing. The only time the zippers get blown is under the mass duress of abuse. They do not wear out over time, mechanically-speaking. If the zippers are mechanically defective at even one coil, we will know this before we ever sew them onto your bag or pack, as every component and inch of material is inspected and certified at several different stages of the assembly process before final shipment of the completed product to you, the eagerly anticipating customer.

So what is zipper abuse? Typically this involves overfilling a gun pack or the pocket of a rifle case or range bag with way too much crap. At most, you want the pocket comfortably filled. You do NOT want the material being pulled taut by pressure from the objects inside the pocket. That's how you know it's overfilled. The nylon on the pocket's flank should still be a bit "crinkly" and lax. If it's taut and smooth, you run the risk of dramatically shortening your zippers' life span as the coils become warped and weakened. Eventually they will be destroyed and then the zipper will fail and never self-repair. Always a sad day. This isn't to say our zippers don't malfunction because of a factory or other defect once in a blue moon, but again, our components are analyzed throughout assembly and these faulty mechanisms will be caught invariably by our veteran screeners.

Other than the zippers, though, all the seams, webbing, buckles, and belts are guaranteed for life.


It's not always readily apparent to us what's gone wrong with your product, and sometimes the flaws or malfunctions perceived by the customer aren't actually problems at all, but rather a normal part of how the product is manufactured.

Please call us or e-mail us and let us know what's going on before you send your product to Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff. You don't need an RMA number or any kind of official form to make a warranty return, but giving us a heads-up will better help us to diagnose the issue and more speedily process your repair or replacement.

Reiteration: We do not warranty zippers, such as those on the Tommy's Gun Packs. Everything else is covered for life, across our entire product line. If you're not sure, or think your zipper or other component has failed due to a manufacturing defect, just call or e-mail us! We're happy to help.

The only time a warrantied product will be replaced is if something goes wrong soon after receiving it, within the first 90 days. Outside of this parameter, all warranty returns will be repaired by our in-house tradesman. Every one of our products is built to last and designed with long-term service in mind. All repairs carry the same lifetime Kickin' A warranty as outlined above. If we cannot guarantee the work in the same manner as a factory-new sew job, then we will not repair the item.

This implies a caveat, however. It is on YOU, not us, to ensure your product is serviced in a timely manner. We have no clue what's going on out there in the world, beyond our little workshop. The process of disintegration on your product must be monitored by you. If a seam comes loose or begins to fray, or the material at the base of the zipper is beginning to tear, DO NOT WAIT until the damage gets worse! Not only is it definitely 100% going to get worse, but when it does it will be too far gone for even our dexterous fingers and precision tools to fix it. You will void your warranty if you don't get your product into us as soon as you notice something is wrong. We know it sucks to be without your holster, gun pack, or range bag for a while, but the alternative sucks way worse.

VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: You are responsible for all shipping involved with filling your warranty request. When you send your item to us, include a check for $14.00 to cover return shipping and processing. Also, include a note to orient the shipping receiver with the nature of your problem, so your product gets to the right tech in the service center as fast as possible.

And finally... CLEAN YOUR STUFF before sending it back!!!! Our machines are carefully tooled and maintained and we will refuse to service a filthy holster or gun pack.

Here's our contact info:

E-Mail: pat(at)tommysgunpack(dot)com
(A subject line like “Warranty Request for [name of item]" will help us find your e-mail faster)

Phone: (805) 520-4767
(We can be reached from 9am to 5pm, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, with occasional extended hours during big promotions and all the usual holidays off)

And here's where to send your item:

Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff
Warranty Dept.
3379 Meg Ct.
Simi Valley, CA 93063


Our products are custom made to order. Belly bands, holsters, rifle cases, duffels, backpacks, range bags and, of course, our signature gun packs... all constructed by hand as orders are received. As such, we do not offer returns on our merchandise.

Unlike many businesses with manufacturing centers or facilities separate from administration and management, we are the direct manufacturers of our bags, packs, and cases. This is our business; we run it top to bottom. We designed every one of our products, and we build them accordingly. We keep busy and we don't have stockpiles of goods laying around ready to ship. It takes considerable time and expense to build these items to order but by doing so, we ensure the highest possible quality in the end product.

What's in a name? Quality is our specialty here at Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff. We don't sell junk and we never will. We don't offer "budget" lines of stripped-down or cheaply-made tripe. Our stuff stands head and shoulders above the other guys, everybody who's ever used one of our products knows that, and that's just how we like it. We are interested only in offering the very finest products of their kind and nothing short of the best of the best.

This paradigm does not permit us to accept returns, however, as the initial investment in handcrafting your bag, pack, or case is too high and even if that were not the case, often times a returned item cannot reasonably be expected to be resold by us unless somebody happens to place the exact same order for the exact same item with all the same options. As most of our merchandise is fully customizable, a no-questions-asked cover-all return policy is not economically viable for us at this time.

If you don't want the product, don't buy it! If you are unsure about the features or functionality of a product, write us an e-mail and we'll be more than willing to assist and explain before you commit to a purchase!

That being said, if you feel your issue is an exception to the rule for whatever reason, we're happy to listen to your case. We offer the best service in the boutique nylon manufacturing industry, second to none! Only Pat is authorized to accept returns so write him an e-mail at pat(at)tommysgunpack(dot)com and explain the situation. It takes less than an hour to get back to you, usually, but could take a full business day depending on how busy things are around here.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff is driven to providing professional-grade, custom-built accessories, concealment devices, holsters, and transport/storage solutions for the discerning peace officer, outdoorsman, sports shooter, and defense-minded civilian. We are confident you will find no comparison to our products among the many others who purport to be parallel in craftsmanship. They aren't, simply because they don't make their own stuff. It's an advantage with a trade-off.


By purchasing anything from this website, www.tommysgunpack.com, you agree to abide unconditionally by the tenets of these policies.