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The Low-Pro Tommy's Gun Pack

The Low-Pro Tommy's Gun Pack may be slim on size, but not on features!

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Lower profile? Yes. All the quality and performance you've come to expect from the Tommy's Gun Pack? Also yes!!!
PLEASE NOTE: Our gun packs are made to order, and for this reason WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING RETURNS on this item!!
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Available Colors:
Price: $129.99
SALE PRICE: $99.99
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Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days

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NOTE: For sizing info, click the big button up at the top of the page that says "Click Here for Sizing Info." You will be taken to a handy diagram that will explain exactly how to size the gun pack for your weapon.

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NOTE: If you select "black" for the color of your pack, your pack will be solid black no matter what and this option has no bearing on how your pack will look. "Two-tone" means we will dye the front panel of the pleated pocket the selected cover while leaving the rest of the material black. "Solid" indicates the entire pack is to be dyed the selected color, although the zippers, buckles, and belt webbing will remain black.

Low-Pro Belt*:

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Sometimes less is more. That’s why we developed the Low-Pro Tommy’s Gun Pack, a slimmed-down, lower profile variant of our Original Tommy’s Gun Pack. The Low-Pro is made to order, one at time, in the USA, with all the care and quality of our other gun packs but none of the extra bulk! A front zippered pocket offers the bare minimum in auxiliary storage space so you can keep those vital essentials close at hand. The Low-Pro is specially shaped and internally padded to neutralize the visible profile of your firearm and provide unmatched concealability.

It’s true: the presence of a firearm in the Low-Pro Gun Pack is completely undetectable from the outside. It just looks like any ordinary waistpack, and to a probing onlooker, the smaller build of the Low-Pro makes it even less likely there’s anything to worry about in there. Of course, you’ll know differently!

Thankfully, the Low-Pro may look like nothing special but that couldn’t be further from the truth! The gun pack is sewn from 1000-denier DuPont nylon Cordura, a heavy-duty industrial-grade nylon variant with a laundry list of effective resistances. It is highly tear- and abrasion-resistant, and totally invulnerable to UV rays, temperature extremes, chemical solvents, rot, and mildew. In fact, Cordura possesses – far and away – vastly superior durability to any natural fiber or material you’ll ever encounter. It’ll last for years and years, and is completely machine-washable so you have no excuse to make sure you keep that gun grease off your Tommy’s Gun Pack!

We double-seam the Low-Pro with the best nylon stitching available, and we quad-seam the zippers in order to provide the pack with the strength and reinforcement necessary to bear the significant payload of a weighty weapon. The gun pouch is padded with world class closed-cell polyurethane foam to protect against bumps and scuffs, as well as to assist in concealing the visible profile of the firearm. A front zippered pocket offers a bit of space for storing your wallet, CCW, cell phone, keys, or other important personal effects.

The Low-Pro maintains the exclusive and patented deployment mechanism utilized by all of our gun packs. Part of the effectiveness of our system is that there’s no way to distinguish the Low-Pro from a common waistpack based on the way it’s built or looks, so there’s no worry about telegraphing your concealed weapon. Both sides of the Low-Pro’s gun pouch feature identical molded nylon buckles. One of them – on your weak side – actually attaches and detaches the waist belt from your personage. The other buckle – on your drawing side – opens the gun pouch for a rapid weapon deployment.

It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply grab the buckle, detach it, and pull straight forward (parallel with the ground). Dual zippers, meeting in the corner of the gun pouch behind the deployment buckle,break away in opposite directions, exposing the butt of your gun for presentation of the firearm in a self-defense scenario. As fast as you can flick your wrist, the Low-Pro’s gun pouch is open and ready to go! Because the buckle is large, easy to find and quick to operate, it can be done entirely by touch (even in near or total darkness), and can even be done with one hand!

We recommend the cross-draw approach, however – open the pouch with your weak side hand, then deploy the weapon with your drawing hand. Because the Low-Pro is built around the gun from the ground up, it requires no further holster or restraint mechanism – the gun pouch is in and of itself the holstering device, integrating seamlessly with the rest of the pack. No other concealment device on the market provides such an efficient and innocuous deployment system. It doesn’t get any better than the Low-Pro Tommy’s Gun Pack! Click HERE to see a video demonstrating how the system works.

The Low-Pro is available in tons of colors and plenty of sizes to ensure there’s a custom-built pack just waiting for you to click “Add to Cart.” If you like, you can upgrade the extremely rugged, impeccable YKK #8 coil zippers with stealth zipper pulls made of Cordura. This completely neutralizes the acoustic profile of the pack, as the default copper zipper pulls tend to jingle about as you move. You may also upgrade the standard polypropylene belt webbing to a heavyweight nylon webbing called Glossflex. It’s a very soft and smooth material, with a slightly shiny finish and a rated breaking force of over 7500 pounds!

The Low-Pro Tommy’s Gun Pack comes with our lifetime Kickin’ A warranty asserting that all the parts, materials and workmanship which went into your Low-Pro shall be free of defect or we’ll fix or replace your product at no charge!!


Made to order, one at a time, in the USA!

Less is more! A slimmed-down, lower profile variant of the Original Tommy’s Gun Pack!

Specially shaped and padded to neutralize the external visible profile of your weapon!

A smaller, more innocuous build provides the Low-Pro with unmatched concealability!

The most efficient gun concealment device ever made!

Sewn from 1000-denier DuPont nylon Cordura! Vastly superior to any natural textile!

Highly tear- and abrasion-resistant!

Totally invulnerable to UV rays, temperature extremes, chemical solvents, rot, and mildew!

Completely machine-washable!

All seams are double-stitched for a long-lasting, impressively durable build!

Quad-stitched zippers for extra strength and reinforcement!

Closed-cell polyurethane foam protects against bumps and scuffs!

Front zippered pocket provides a bit of space for your ID, permit, or other important personal effects!

Exclusive and patented firearm deployment system! No velcro strips or pull cords to telegraph your concealed weapon!

Identical buckles made of robust molded nylon!

Just grab the deployment buckle, detach, and pull forward! Our dual breakaway zipper system couldn’t be easier to use!

Deploy your firearm effectively entirely by touch, even in near or total darkness!

Both single-handed and cross-draw approaches supported!

No additional holster or restraining device necessary! The gun pouch is in and of itself a fully integrated holstering device, built seamlessly into the body of the pack!

Tons of colors from which to choose!

Plenty of sizes to fit all models of automatics and revolvers!

Heavy-duty YKK #8 coil zippers available with Cordura stealth zipper pull upgrades!

Custom-made polypropylene belt upgradeable to heavyweight nylon Glossflex webbing, with a rated breaking force of over 7500 pounds!

Comes with our lifetime Kickin’ A warranty!