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The Low-Pro Tommy's Gun Pack SIDEKICK

You want the best? You got it.

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Made in the USA by red-blooded American patriots such as yourself!!
PLEASE NOTE: Our gun packs are made to order, and for this reason WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING RETURNS on this item!!
Available Colors:
Price: $129.99
You save $30.00!

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days

Your Waist Size*:
NOTE: Though it is required you fill this out before submitting your order, understand that by default, the SIDEKICK is designed with dual belt loops to be used with your own belt. If you want a belt, you'll have to change the appropriate option below.

THE GUN PACK'S OUTER DIMENSIONS WILL BE LARGER THAN THE USABLE DIMENSIONS. The packs aren't supposed to fit your weapon like a glove. It isn't a holster. The foam and external material frame of the pack will cause it to be bigger than the inside of the gun pouch. For sizing info, click the big galactic button up at the top of the page that says "Click Here for Sizing Info." You will be taken to a handy diagram that will explain exactly how to size the gun pack for your weapon.

SIDEKICK Configuration*:


Low-Pro Style*:
NOTE: If you select "black" for the color of your pack, your pack will be solid black no matter what and this option has no bearing on how your pack will look. "Two-tone" means we will dye the front panel of the pleated pocket the selected cover while leaving the rest of the material black. "Solid" indicates the entire pack is to be dyed the selected color, although the zippers, buckles, and belt webbing will remain black.



The venerable Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK was designed to provide all the features and benefits of utilizing a Tommy’s Gun Pack with the additional advantage of a highly compact, innocuous profile resembling a phone or camera pack. The Low-Pro SIDEKICK further advances this concept with a hyper-streamlined profile, achieved by removing the center zippered compartment entirely and maintaining only the gun pouch and the front pocket for extra belongings. If it looks nothing like the world’s premier off-body carry device and more like a Blackberry case, then it appears we’ve done our job!

The Low-Pro SIDEKICK, just like all our gun packs, is assembled by hand in the States in our workshop with our own sewsmiths, employing the finest American-made components and materials available anywhere. The pack is double-stitched for exceptional durability and uses 1000-denier nylon Cordura, a soft, slightly fuzzy and discontinuous fabric designed to feel like cotton although it is infinitely stronger – and infinitely available, as it is an artificial, manmade fiber.

We chose Cordura because there’s little else in the world tougher than DuPont’s exceptional quality synthetics. This material will stand the test of time admirably, shrugging off the destructive effects that sunlight, temperature extremes, oil, grime, and water are almost guaranteed to exhibit when exposed to most other fabrics. The whole pack is machine washable, in fact, to keep your gear lookin’ its best for… well, forever! Hence the lifetime guarantee on the Low-Pro SIDEKICK – our work is good, and we stand by it.

The gun pouch sits behind the front zippered pocket (with room for an extra clip or two, or perhaps a cell phone or your keys, but not much else – this is the trade off for reducing the SIDEKICK’s profile and eliminating the middle pocket). Padded with polyurethane foam to shield your weapon from undue shock damage and minor bumps and scuffs, the gun pouch’s Cordura lining is totally safe for the finish of your gun – it’s a non-abrasive textile.

The gun pouch is accessed via a double-zipper buckle release system. Sound complicated? It should, it’s patented! Luckily our system is dead easy to use, and within minutes you’ll be presenting your firearm from within the Low-Pro SIDEKICK smoothly, quickly, and confidently! It is this deployment system that sets the Tommy’s Gun Packs above the competition. Instead of an awkward design built around clumsy velcro strips and pull cords which are obviously part of a concealment system, our pack relies solely upon regular buckles and zippers, preventing your pack from telegraphing the presence of your concealed firearm to passing onlookers – cops and robbers alike.

Our deployment system works by utilizing a heavy-duty polyethylene buckle to deploy two zippers (which, when fully zipped up, rest snugly and invisibly behind the buckle). First, just grab the buckle and detach it, exactly as if it were the belt buckle holding the pack to your waist and you were planning on removing. The deployment buckle is located on the same side as your drawing hand – thus, your Low-Pro SIDEKICK will come either right- or left-handed. The actual belt buckle is on the opposite side of the gun pack. This identical, symmetrical buckle setup enhances the concealability of the gun pack tenfold, and is another unique advantage to going with the Tommy’s Gun Pack for your firearm concealment needs.

Once the buckle is detached, just pull it forward, parallel with the ground. The dual zippers will break away in opposite directions of their own accord, opening up the gun pouch and allowing you to draw your weapon immediately. And thanks to the fact that our preferred zippers are industrial-grade YKK #7 coils (quad-stitched, by the way, for extraordinary resilience to regular wear and tear), you will doubtless be amazed by the sheer speed and smoothness of the zippers’ operation. They’ve also been capped with Cordura pull cords in place of noisy copper zipper pulls, neutralizing the SIDEKICK’s acoustic profile so you don’t have to worry about attracting unwanted attention with all that noisy jingling!

The deployment buckle is easy to find, grasp, detach, and pull, and the Low-Pro SIDEKICK works equally well with a strong hand draw or a crossdraw presentation technique. Thus, even in total darkness and with only one hand, you can get your firearm out of the pack with all the haste and precision required of a potentially dangerous self-defense scenario.

Worried about the lack of a holster or other restraining mechanism? Don’t be. Your gun doesn’t move around inside the gun pouch – it can’t, it’s impossible. The tight, sandwich-style assembly of the polyurethane foam and nylon Cordura hold your weapon in place while the pack is closed. It won’t swim around in there, even if you put a very small gun into a very large pack – once the pack is closed, your gun is sealed up wherever you left it. And thanks to the zipper stop located on the vertical breakaway zipper, even with the gun pack wide open, your weapon will never end up on the street (always disheartening, we know).

The Low-Pro SIDEKICK comes in a vast array of colors for every taste, and four sizes to fit any weapon out there (check the sizing chart linked at the top of this page). By default, the SIDEKICK comes with dual nylon belt loops to be used with your own belt. This was the original design spec – just thread the belt through the 2” belt buckle and the loops, and you’re good to go! Operation of the deployment buckle remains exactly the same.

However, we also have a belt (sewn to your waist sizes with six inches of adjustment up and down) made of heavy-duty polypropylene webbing available to order. This is incomparable material, extremely tough and very soft and even to the touch. It is also the standard belt webbing used on all our gun packs. An upgrade to nylon Glossflex webbing is also available at your discretion.

Polypro’s good stuff, rest assured, but Glossflex webbing is indeed truly amazing! Capable of withstanding over 7500 pounds of force before breaking, Glossflex has a slightly shiny finish and feels smooth as silk beneath the fingers. It is definitely the highest quality nylon webbing ever made, and well worth the upgrade price.

There is no gun pack out there that can do what ours does, just by virtue of our unique, patented deployment system alone. And the market will never yield anything that can remotely compete with the pure concealability of the Low-Pro SIDEKICK. Looking for something that works well, is easy to use, won’t fall apart after even a decade of daily use, and looks little more than a run-of-the-mill phone case? The Low-Pro SIDEKICK’s the one.


Made in the USA to order!

Built by hand in our Southern California workshop!

Highly innocuous, low-profile design thanks to the omission of the center pocket present on our other gun pack designs!

Looks like a run-of-the-mill phone or camera case!

Cut from 1000-denier DuPont nylon Cordura!

Unaffected by sunlight, temperature extremes, oil, grime, or water!

Totally machine washable!

All load-bearing seams are double-stitched for extraordinary durability!

Front zippered pocket with room for personal items such as an extra clip or two, wallet, keys, cell phone, or your CCW permit!

Gun pouch sits behind the front pocket, and is lined with non-abrasive Cordura and padded with polyurethane foam!

Present your weapon by way of our patented double-zipper buckle release system! Just grab the deployment buckle, detach it, pull forward, and the pouch opens up on its own, allowing for easy and rapid firearm deployment, even in pitch darkness and with one hand!

Identical 2” (two-inch) symmetrical heavy-duty polyethylene buckles enhance concealability without using other telltale mechanisms such as velcro or pull cords! (Remember, there will only be two buckles if you order your pack with a belt, otherwise only the deployment buckle will be included.)

Industrial-grade YKK #7 coil zippers operate quietly, smoothly, and quickly!

Cordura zipper pulls neutralize the gun pack’s acoustic profile!

All zippers are quadruple-stitched for additional resilience!

No additional holstering device necessary! The sandwich-style foam and Cordura gun pouch grips your weapon in place while the pack is closed, while a vertical zipper stop prevents your firearm from clattering to the ground while the pack is open!

Choose from a vast array of colors spanning the visual spectrum!

Four available sizes to fit any gun out there!

Comes with dual nylon belt loops by default – thread your belt through the deployment buckle and loops, and you’re good to go!

Available upgrade to a 2” belt made of incredibly robust, long-lasting heavy-duty polypropylene webbing!

Upgrade your polypro belt to Glossflex nylon webbing, with a soft, slightly reflective finish and immense strength – rated at 7700 pounds of breaking force!

Lifetime guarantee on all materials and workmanship!