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Magazine Holder

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Check out these photos to see what makes our mag holders tick!

On the firing range, in the field, in a closet - wherever you want your clips, these nylon mag holders holders will make your life a little easier!

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Price: $12.00

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Magazine holders - either you need 'em or you don't. But who doesn't need mag holders?! On the range or in your range mag, mag holders make carrying around loads of extra ammo a piece of cake.

Our magazine holders are humble but fearless. Yes, that's right: fearless. They aren't afraid of anything. Got a double-stacked mag? A high-capacity clip? Our mag holders eat 15-rounders for breakfast, thanks to the velcro-adjusted straps which can be raised or lowered to conform to the dimensions of any magazine out there. You can even store two single-stacked magazines back-to-back in the same slot!

When it came to durability, we briefly considered coating these mag holders in formaldehyde, but then we realized we could just double-stitch the nylon cordura, like we do with everything else we make. So we did. Double-stitching means the seams last longer, which is a fairly important feature when you consider that mag holders are constantly swelled out by big, bulky hunks of metal that put a lot of strain on the seams.

The fact that these holders are entirely machine washable gives you the freedom to go romping through the wetlands on a Saturday morning hunting strip and have your mag holders clean and pretty for the shooting range on Sunday.

Our mag holders can be had in singles, doubles, triples, all the way up to decuples (that's ten, for those unfamiliar with obscure mathematical vocabulary). Each holder is individually belt looped, allowing you to wear your magazines on your belt in an aesthetically pleasing fashion (and take our word for it, a line of ten high-cap mags across your hip looks mighty impressive, indeed!).

The bigger mag holder sets (and especially the 10-mag holder) can be collapsed into a compact roll, making them ideal for storage in a gun safe or range bag.

If you're somebody who's after a simple nylon solution for carrying around extra magazines or keeping them neatly tucked away, Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff's magazine olders should do the trick quite nicely!

Machine washable! Made from the toughest nylon cordura and double-stitched for additional strength!

Fully adjustable to fit single-stacked, double-stacked, and high-capacity magazines!

Store two single-stacked magazines in one magazine holder!

Different sized sets for flexibility! Purchase your mag holders in singles, doubles, triples, or even a set of ten!

Each holder is individually belt-looped so that even large sets do not feel cumbersome on the belt!

Larger sets can be quickly collapsed into a compact roll for long-term storage in a safe or range bag!

Guaranteed to last forever under the Kickin' A Packs lifetime warranty!