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The Original Tommy's Gun Pack

The Original Tommy's Gun Pack is the definitive off-body carry device on the market today. We dare say it is overall the most flexible and easiest-to-use gun concealment method in existence!

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There is no rival to this gun pack - pick one up today and experience the ultimate in gun concealment for yourself!
PLEASE NOTE: Our gun packs are made to order, and for this reason WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING RETURNS on this item!!
To view the total price of the pack with any options you might want, first select your options and then click the "Update Price" button below.
Available Colors:
Price: $137.99
SALE PRICE: $99.99
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Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days

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Gun Pack Size*:
For sizing info, click the big flaming button up at the top of the page that says "Click Here for Sizing Info." You will be taken to a handy diagram that will explain exactly how to size the gun pack for your weapon.

Gun Pack Configuration*:

Gun Pack Color*:

Deluxe Upgrade*:
The Deluxe Upgrade improves your gun pack with unbreakable acetal resin buckles, stealth zipper pulls made of nylon cord and YKK number 8 coil zippers, and an integrated sewn-in magazine holder.

Gun Pack Style*:
NOTE: If you select "black" for the color of your pack, your pack will be solid black no matter what and this option has no bearing on how your pack will look. "Two-tone" means we will dye the front panel of the pleated pocket the selected cover while leaving the rest of the material black. "Supertone" is similar to two-tone, except only the top, bottom, and side panels of the pleated pocket are dyed (the front panel and the rest of the pack remain black). "Solid" indicates the entire pack is to be dyed the selected color, although the zippers, buckles, and belt webbing will remain black.

Magazine Insert*:

Gun Pack Belt*:

The Ultimate in Gun Concealment
The Original Tommy’s Gun Pack is what put Kickin’ A Packs ‘N Stuff on the map. It is our much-beloved flagship product and the final word in gun concealment. Our pack was not conceived as an afterthought to fill in an extensive line-up of other firearms accessories. It is nota fanny pack with a holster in it. We designed the Tommy’s Gun Pack around the firearm from the ground up, focusing on providing civilians and LEO’s alike with a secure and effective off-body concealed carry device of the highest possible quality.
Prior to the introduction of the Tommy’s Gun Pack, waist packs were hardly considered a legitimate option for serious concealment. They had their advantages in portability and accessibility but suffered from a number of inefficient draw mechanisms that made them clumsy and relatively slow to draw your weapon unless you practiced at it. Kickin’ A Packs changed all of that in one fell swoop, and for over fifteen years the Tommy’s Gun Pack has been heralded as the best of its kind, with a fanatical and satisfied customer base built on word-of-mouth alone.
The Proof is in the Stitching

Constructed of heavy-duty, non-abrasive nylon, the Tommy’s Gun Pack will not harm the finish of your firearm and is machine-washable. Resistant to moisture and mildew build-up, and capable of shrugging off both dirt and oil with impunity, ours is the toughest, most reliable gun pack ever devised. The entire pack is double-stitched for superb resilience to regular wear and tear, and the heavy-duty zippers have been quadruple-stitched for maximum ruggedness and durability.

Two zippered compartments give you plenty of room for additional belongings such as your wallet, keys, and cell phone. This makes the Tommy’s Gun Pack ideal for everyday use, keeping your pockets free of clutter and your personal possessions organized, safe and sound. You can also use the center compartment for extra clips, and this becomes truly effortless by adding a four- or eight-slot magazine insert to your pack.

The heavy-duty 2” belt, sewn to your waist size and adjustable up and down, readily distributes the weight of the pack for unmatched comfort and stability. The Tommy’s Gun Pack can also be had without any belt at all, sporting dual velcro belt loops rather than an integrated belt. This allows you to employ any belt you wish! These belt loops are made of a heavyweight nylon webbing able to accommodate up to a 2" duty belt and boasting a 7700-pound rated breaking force. In other words - indestructible!
The gun pack also comes in four sizes (from Small to Extra Large) to accommodate all styles of automatics and many types of revolvers. Sizing the gun pack for your firearm has never been easier. Simply click HERE to view a short explanation of exactly how to figure out which size pack you need for your gun. Additionally, eight colors and your choice of either the classic two-tone style or an upgrade to a solid-color design give you maximum flexibility in customizing the gun pack to your tastes!
Of course, the most important facets of any gun pack are its concealability and the ease of use of its draw mechanism. On both fronts, Kickin’ A Packs ‘N Stuff has the competition completely dominated.
Our Patented Deployment Mechanism

Occasionally somebody will throw a snide comment at us such as: “Those waist packs are a bad idea. Everybody knows there’s a gun in there!” With other gun packs, this is indeed true. Pull strings, tabs, or velcro strips are never found on a regular, run-of-the-mill storebought fanny pack and clearly telegraph the presence of a concealed firearm. Anybody who knows the slightest thing about gun concealment can spot these puppies a mile away. The Tommy’s Gun Pack, however, uses no pull tabs or velcro for its draw mechanism and is otherwise indistinguishable from a regular common waist pack.

The Tommy’s Gun Pack features identical molded nylon buckles on either side of the main zippered weapon compartment. One is used to simply fasten and unfasten the belt to your waist, while the other actually opens the weapon compartment for access to your firearm. Which buckle is where depends on whether you are a right- or left-handed draw – the deployment buckle is on the same side as your drawing hand.

The weapon compartment itself does not contain a holstering device like other packs. As the Original Tommy’s Gun Pack was designed around the firearm from the onset, the weapon compartment is in and of itself the holstering device, padded to protect your gun and built to tightly grip and prevent it from shifting position while you’re on the move.

To get to your weapon, you simply detach the deployment buckle and tug forward. Dual zippers automatically and smoothly break away in opposite directions and the weapon compartment opens up, giving you clean, rapid access to your gun. It’s so easy anybody can do it without a single second of practice. You can perform the entire maneuver with one hand and it can be done without having to divert your eyes downwards to make sure you’re doing it right. The buckle is quite large and can be located and detached, in an instant, by mere touch – even in complete or near darkness.

Extremely fast and instinctual, there’s simply no better way to draw a firearm from a gun pack. It can’t be beat, and for that reason our double-breakaway zipper system is protected by U.S. Patent # 5505355. You can read the patent by clicking HERE. We have also produced an informative video demonstrating the gun pack’s deployment method which can be seen by clicking HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff, Inc. cannot and does not recommend or guarantee the usage of the Original Tommy’s Gun Pack as a means of self-defense in any kind of scenario. That said, the gun pack was certainly designed to allow for the possibility of smooth and easy deployment of your weapon for self-defense purposes, although you do so completely at your own risk and Kickin’ A Packs ‘N Stuff, Inc. will not be held liable for any consequences that result from your use of the Original Tommy's Gun Pack - physical, legal, or otherwise.
The Deluxe Upgrade Package

We are also introducing a brand-new feature for the Original Tommy’s Gun Pack – the Deluxe Upgrade Package. This never-before-available option allows you to upgrade your Original Gun Pack with a number of luxury features.

When selecting the Deluxe Upgrade Package, the gun pack’s buckles will be upgraded from molded nylon to the ultra-heavy-duty engineering plastic polyoxymethylene (or acetal). Acetal is an extremely lightweight polymer first produced by DuPont (who else, right?) in 1952 and used as a metal substitute in such applications as ball bearings, gears, conveyor belt limits, industrial piping, chemical pumps, pulley wheels, and fuel expansion tanks. It resists friction, lubricants, solvents, and temperature changes, retaining its molecular structure even in boiling water. Acetal is an essentially unbreakable thermoplastic – run it over with a car, smash it with a sledgehammer, do your worst. This stuff lasts forever.

Additionally, with the Deluxe Upgrade the pack’s zippers will be upgraded to YKK number 7 coil zippers. YKK’s zippers are widely considered the best in the world, without equal in terms of operation and durability. The pulls glide so effortlessly that when using our patented double-zipper breakaway mechanism, the friction of the zippers opening is undetectable, allowing for the smoothest possible draw ever.

Furthermore, the pulls will be upgraded to a stealth zipper design with Cordura pull cords. Cordura is one of the toughest of the nylon variants, with unmatched tear-resistance. Additionally, without metallic zipper pulls, the jingling of the zippers will no longer telegraph your position or movements. This has been a much-requested feature for some time, and now it can be yours!

Finally, the Deluxe Upgrade Package gets you a set of integrated, sewn-in magazine holders in the center compartment that will comfortably fit most sizes and styles of clips. The Small and Medium packs feature three holders, the Large gets a complement of four, and the Extra Large boasts a borderline-maniacal five mag holders!
Looking Out for You

The Original Tommy’s Gun Pack wasn’t just the result of a lot of dudes and dudettes sitting around thinking about how to outdo the competition. That part was easy. We know you want a gun pack that looks good, works well, wears well, but perhaps most importantly – means well. That’s why we made it our express goal from the start to develop the very best off-body carry device possible, because if you’re going to build a business around a waist pack designed to hide a firearm and allow for quick-draw access to said firearm, it’s really gotta be something folks enjoy wearing and using. So we worked at it ‘til we got it right.

That sort of drive, ambition, and dedication to excellence is why we think Kickin’ A Packs is different from any other company in this line of work. It’s also why the Original Tommy’s Gun Pack has remained the ultimate in gun concealment for a decade and a half and counting! And we plan to be around for a good while longer yet!

The first gun pack built around the gun! Manufactured expressly for firearm concealment!

The best of its kind! Elegant in its ease of use and remarkable yet effective simplicity of design!

Constructed of heavy-duty nylon for superior resistance to wear and tear!

Non-abrasive! Will not harm the finish of your gun!

Machine-washable for many years of aesthetically-pleasing gun concealment!

Resists moisture, mildew, grime, and oil!

Double-stitched seams for superb resilience to real-world usage!

Heavy-duty, long-lasting YKK #7 coil zippers with quadruple-stitching for maximum ruggedness!

Two zippered compartments provide extra room for your wallet, keys, cell phone, or other personal belongings!

Center zippered compartment can be augmented with either a four- or eight-slot magazine insert!

Wide 2” belt designed to law enforcement standards! Sewn to your waist size! Adjustable up or down six inches!

Four available sizes to fit any kind of automatic or revolver!

Fifteen vivid and beautiful colors to pick from!

Choose from either a two-tone or solid-color design!

Identical heavy-duty molded nylon buckles on either side of the pack do not telegraph the presence of a concealed firearm! They look just like normal fanny pack buckles!

Padded weapon compartment tightly grips your gun and prevents it from shifting position inside the pack!

Quickly and easily access your firearm using our patented double-zipper breakaway draw mechanism! Just grab the deployment buckle and pull – it’s that simple!

You can draw your gun with either one hand or two, and all by touch! Effortless to use even in low-light conditions!

Available in both right- and left-handed configurations!

Optional Deluxe Package upgrades your gun pack with engineering-grade acetal buckles, YKK number 8 coil zippers with stealthy Cordura pull cords, and an integrated sewn-in magazine holder!

Lifetime Kickin’ A Packs ‘N Stuff guarantee on all material and workmanship!