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X-FORCE Ver2Go Universal Drop Down Holster

The Ver2Go drop down rig is the most compact yet versatile leg holster you’ll find.

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With a single one-size-fits-all unit, this holster will adapt to any gun (even with a light or laser), any belt, and any person (ambidextrously), protecting your weapon from dust and dirt, with a little spare room left over for extra ammo or other accessories. Amazing! (Or at least we certainly think so.)
Price: $149.99

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days


Kickin’ A Packs’ X-FORCE line of holsters, range bags, and accessories are designed from the ground up utilizing the finest components and materials available today. No compromises made, no corners cut. Only the very best goes into each American-made X-FORCE product! The Ver2Go Universal Drop Down Holster is no different. Essentially a leg-mounted variant of our Ver2Go Hip Holster, the two share many features. The Ver2Go Universal Drop Down Holster will fit any automatic handgun on the market, from a subcompact .380 (mouseguns are too small) up to a full-frame .45 (anything larger than a USP is too big). Revolvers up to a 4” barrel can also be holstered using the Ver2Go. Even if you mount a tactical light or laser accessory, the 6.75” x 5” Ver2Go will accommodate your weapon – and with no annoying adjustments! Just seat your firearm in the holster, adjust the quick-release strap for your frame, and you’re done.

We build our Ver2Go Drop Down rig from hand in our Los Angeles workshop, cutting it from 1000-denier nylon Cordura, the toughest and longest-lasting nylon variant devised by the chemical company DuPont, well known for their pioneering work in synthetic fibers. The holster is water-resistant and totally machine washable. Cordura is extremely resilient to both tearing and abrasion, as well as resistant to dirt, oil, mildew, solvents, and UV exposure. There are three adjustable heavyweight polypropylene straps on the holster. The two leg straps use tri-glide adjustment and can be easily attached and detached with the heavy-duty molded nylon buckles. The single vertical belt strap adjusts by way of robust nylon velcro, and can be sized from a minimum of just under 8” in length (measuring from the top of the holster) to a max of 14.5”. The belt loop is velcro-detachable and 2” wide to accept standard gun belts.

The entire holster is double-stitched for strength, and finished with binding tape for a clean, slick aesthetic. The Ver2Go Drop Down is an extremely efficient design, in fact. The holster adds no unnecessary bulk to your carry profile beyond that of your weapon, presenting a neat and unobtrusive appearance. The straps are precision-cut and quadruple seamed for extra durability. The bottom of the holster is closed off, sealed against dust and grit that could get into the barrel of your weapon in certain operating environments. There are two universal magazine holders on the front of the holster, which will adjust to fit any standard factory mags (no guarantees for high capacity or extended clips), as well as knives, lights, tools, or whatever else you need to carry with you. The quick-release strap features a rubber thumb tab for accurate and rapid deployment of your weapon.

Best yet, the Ver2Go is ambidextrous. It can be mounted as either a right- or left-handed drop down holster simply by correctly orienting the unit. No adjustments required! The Ver2Go Drop Down is a true universal holster, make no mistake. This design is unique to us. You won’t find it anywhere else because nobody’s ever made a holster like the Ver2Go and nobody ever will. Our unique spin on the drop down holster, combined with two very experienced decades of trial and error, has come to fruition in the X-FORCE Ver2Go. With an eye towards pragmatic, functional gear for the discerning soldier, LEO, outdoorsman, sports shooter, or enthusiast, you know you’re in for a treat with a handmade Kickin’ A product. We’re so confident in the quality of the holster that we back it up with our lifetime Kickin’ A warranty – if the Ver2Go Drop Down Holster ever fails on you due to defects in the materials, components, or workmanship, we’ll fix it or replace it.


Made in the USA!

6.75” x 5"

Unique design! Only at tommsgunpack.com! Unlike anything else you’ve seen!

True universal holster!

Fits any auto on the market, from subcompact .380s up through full-frame .45s! Even fits revolvers up to a 4” barrel!

Accommodates tactical light and laser accessories!

No irritating adjustments! No adjustments at all, in fact! No more fiddling with straps and flaps and velcro to get your gun to fit into the universal holster! The Ver2Go, as is, simply works!

Clean, slick aesthetic!

Cut from 1000-denier DuPont nylon Cordura!

Double-stitched for strength!

Slick, unobtrusive appearance!

Adds no unnecessary bulk to your carry profile!

Water resistant and totally machine-washable!

Highly resilient to tearing and abrasion!

Resists the damaging effects of grime, oil, solvents, mildew, and UV exposure!

Drop down rig consists of three super tough, quadheavyweight polypropylene straps!

All straps are precision-cut and quadruple-seamed for unmatched durability!

Dual leg straps feature tri-glide adjustment and robust, molded nylon buckles!

Vertical belt strap velcro adjusts between 8” and 14.5”!

2” belt loop accepts all standard gun belts and duty belts!

Closed off barrel cover seals away against dust, dirt, and other damaging particles!

Two universal mag holders fit any factory clip (high-cap and extended mags at your own risk)!

Quick-release strap adjusts for your weapon’s frame and features a rubber thumb tab for rapid deployment!

Ambidextrous! Works right- and left-handed out of the box, with no further adjustments!

Lifetime Kickin’ A warranty on all materials and workmanship!