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The Magbuddy (10 Slots)

Constructed of heavy-duty nylon, each magazine holder is individually adjustable for universal compatibility with all single-stack, double-stack, and high-cap mags.

The USA-made Magbuddy can be added to a range bag as a magazine insert or carried solo as an independent magazine transport bag.
Price: $72.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days


Drop it into your bug-out bag, range bag, or gun safe and you'll quickly discover how quick and easy it is to organize and transport all your magazines with the MagBuddy!

There is a single adjustment for each slot - the velcro strap which holds the magazine in place, and which can also be removed to allow lights, knives, and other useful items to be stored in the MagBuddy as well. The strap adjusts for most high cap mags.

The MagBuddy has ten slots, sewn back-to-back, and is handmade in the States of heavy-duty nylon, with a nylon webbing handle with a rated 3500 pounds of resistance.

One of our most popular items ever. Simply ingenious, and highly useful to practically anybody who shoots a gun on a regular basis!


Made in the USA!

A straightforward transport and carry solution for your extra mags!

An excellent choice for a range bag, a gun safe, or on its own!

Double-stitch reinforced for extra strength and durability!

10 slots! Five pairs of back-to-back magazine holders!

Universal mag holders fit every mag! Single-stack, double-stack, high-capacity!!! Even Glock mags!

Individually adjustable via a nylon-velcro strap! The strap can also be completely removed!

Also works well for knives, tools, flashlights, or other accessories!

Heavy-duty nylon handle with rubberized grip for comfort and convenience!

Lifetime warranty against defects in all materials and workmanship!