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X-FORCE Ver2Go MagPack

Made from heavy-duty nylon and industrial-grade Glossflex webbing, the MagPack is available with either three or five individually adjustable universal mag holders.

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The Ver2Go MagPack is yet another example of something cool and useful you won’t find elsewhere.
Price: $99.99

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days

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The American-made Ver2Go MagPack was envisioned as the ideal companion to the Ver2Go Drop-Down Holster. However, the MagPack is a great standalone product as well as a fine complement to any drop-down unit. Essentially, it is a drop-down holster with a pack of linked magazine holders in place of the holster. Position it on the leg opposite your drop-down rig, and now you have a handy cache of extra ammo, tools, accessories… anything you want, really. Whatever fits into the mag holders! The mag holders themselves are made from heavy-duty nylon and are individually adjustable. They are universal and will comfortably accommodate any magazine out there, whether it’s a single- or double-stack clip, or a high-capacity model. The MagPack is available with your choice of three or five magazine holders.

A 2” velcro belt loop attaches the MagPack to your belt. You may also attach and detach the rig by way of the two heavy-duty molded nylon buckles on the harness. Speaking of the harness, it is made entirely from heavyweight Glossflex webbing – an industrial-grade nylon material with a rated breaking force of upwards of 7500 pounds!!!! In addition to the vertical belt strap there is also a single horizontal leg strap to physically anchor the MagPack in place and provide unmatched stability. Both the vertical and horizontal straps are fully adjustable (via velcro and tri-glide hardware, respectively) so you can ensure an accurate, natural, comfortable fit for your legs and body.

The MagPack comes with our lifetime Kickin’ A warranty on the materials and workmanship.


Made in the USA by us!!!

An ideal companion to the Ver2Go Drop-Down Holster!

Complements any drop-down holster!

Great standalone rig, too!

Provides a drop-down unit for storing extra magazines, tools, or other accessories on your leg!

Harness made from heavyweight, industrial-grade Glossflex nylon with over 7500 pounds of breaking resistance!

Magazine holders made from heavy-duty nylon!

Universal mag holders individually adjust to fit any magazine available!

2” belt loop attaches rig to your gun or duty belt!

Two heavy-duty molded nylon buckles (one on the vertical strap, one on the horizontal) quickly attach and detach the entire rig!

Fully adjustable vertical and horizontal stability straps for unmatched comfort and rock-solid performance!

Available with either three or five mag holders!

Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship!