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This category contains all items that simply don't fit neatly into any other grouping. Handy extras, such as Cordura stealth zipper pulls and Cop-Lok buckles, and classic favorites such as our heavy-duty EZFit Gun Belt, fall into the miscellaneous classification.
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Nylon Cordura Stealth Zipper Pull
Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days
Price: $2.10

The copper pulls that come standard with YKK number 8 coil zippers (which we use on all our products that employ zippers) can be a bit noisy. Take a step, and they jingle. Take another, and they jangle. It’s not a huge problem but for those who want to completely neutralize the acoustic profile of their gun pack, range bag, or pistol case, these “stealth” zipper pulls made of Cordura will allow you to retrofit all your zipper sliders so they won’t make a sound.
Rifle MagBuddy (6 slots) Deal of The Day
Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days
Price: $65.00

The Rifle MagBuddy is essentially a larger version of our original MagBuddy design. Same construction techniques - heavy-duty nylon material and a nylon webbing handle with 3500 pounds of rated break resistance.

However, the 6 slots have been widened and lengthened to accommodate rifle magazines of any size and caliber from .22 LRs to .223s and .308s. Even polymer magazines and AK banana clips fit into the Rifle MagBuddy! Forty rounds max capacity for most magazine types. The only adjustment which needs to be made is the velcro flap which holds the magazine in place, and it adjusts up and down from the inside with ease.

Put the Rifle MagBuddy in a range bag or your safe, or even a hunting pack or rifle case. Once you've used one of these babies, you'll be wondering why you hadn't bought one sooner!

That is the kind of innovation and quality which has made us famous.

12-Inch Belt Extender for All-American Tommy's Gun Pack
Our Price: $12.00

This is a 12" belt extender for the All-American Tommy's Gun Pack. You just plug the male end into the female end of your existing belt, and immediately you get an extra 12 inches of length added to the belt!

Made in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: This is ONLY for the All-American Tommy's Gun Pack, it isn't compatible with any of our other models (such as the Original, Elite, and SIDEKICK Tommy's Gun Packs).
The Magbuddy (10 Slots)
Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days
Price: $72.00

The MagBuddy has ten slots, sewn back-to-back, and is handmade in the States of heavy-duty nylon, with a nylon webbing handle with a rated 3500 pounds of resistance.

There is a single adjustment for each slot - the velcro strap which holds the magazine in place, and which can also be removed to allow lights, knives, and other useful items to be stored in the MagBuddy as well as mags. The strap adjusts for most high cap mags.

One of our most popular items ever. Simply ingenius, and highly useful to practically anybody who shoots a gun on a regular basis!