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Shipping and Returns

Our new "Buy Today, Ship Tomorrow" option is available on ALL our gun pack models, from the Original Gun Pack to the Elite, from the SIDEKICK to our Low-Pro DISCRETE packs. It costs $9.99 and guarantees your pack is out the door the day after you make your purchase. If it DOESN'T ship the next day, your pack is FREE.

Usually orders only take 3-5 business days to fill and ship. However, none of our gun packs are stocked on shelves. We build every pack to order from scratch and by hand so we can ensure every pack is built to our exacting, relentlessly high standards. When our workload becomes very high, it can take up to 30 business days (6 calendar weeks) to ship out your pack.

We build our packs in chronological sequence according to when the orders come in. First come, first served. "Buy Today, Ship Tomorrow" allows you to expedite the processing of your order and kick it to the very top of the list. It does NOT mean your order will physically travel to you any quicker than it already does, although packages regularly travel across the country from our Los Angeles workshop in only a couple days with standard ground shipping. "Buy Today, Ship Tomorrow" means that your pack will be placed at the top of our work queue regardless of what else is going on in the shop, and assembly and certification will occur within 24 hours, meaning your pack ships the day after we receive your order. If you want faster shipping, you'll still have to pay separately for expedited shipping - we don't operate a fleet of delivery trucks and have no control over shipping speed.


If for any reason there are problems processing your order which are beyond our control (incorrectly-typed addresses or credit card numbers, for instance), we are not responsible for said problems. The "BUY TODAY, SHIP TOMORROW" fee of $9.99 is non-refundable and we will do our best to correct the errors so we can ship your merchandise to you ASAP, but the one-day guarantee will be voided.

Additionally, we're on the road at a trade show nearly every weekend, so if your "Buy Today, Ship Tomorrow" order is placed on a Friday, your order will not ship until Monday.
Finally, BTST on promotional or sale items will not necessarily ship the next day. The reason for this is our sales generate very large volumes of business (due to phenomenal pricing you can only get when buying straight from the manufacturer!). Thus, the sheer amount of BTST orders coming in during a sale quickly renders it physically infeasible for us to ship them all out within the allotted 24-hour window. It just can't be done; our production capacity is finite, after all! However, every order with a BTST upgrade during promotional or sale events will go straight to the top of the production queue in chronological sequence and will be worked on and shipped before the non-BTST orders. Hence, BTST is still useful for getting items shipped out faster during large gun pack or storewide sales that can otherwise slow down receipt of your merchandise.