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Gun Pack Magazine Insert

Slip these puppies into a Tommy's gun pack and become a human armory.

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You know what they say - when you need extra clips, you REALLY need extra clips. And unless you're a very, very good shot... you're probably gonna need 'em. And they're not going to do you much good if you can't get to them quickly!
Price: $39.99

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days

Magazine Inserts Configuration*:

Magazine inserts are a great way to expand the functionality of your Tommy's Gun Pack. Beyond the main gun compartment - accessible via our patented double-zipper buckle release system - there are two more general purpose pockets, roomy enough to serve a variety of purposes. Stick your car keys in there, maybe tuck away your wallet or cell phone, or perhaps keep a pocket knife, flashlight, or your CCW handy... whatever you like!

However, for the ammo-conscious among you, we developed magazine inserts designed to be placed in the middle of the gun pack's three compartments. The reinforced stitching scheme of the gun pack's nylon infrastructure allows the pocket to remain stiffly and stably open while your weapon is in use, permitting clean, swift access to your additional clips.

The inserts themselves feature elastic loops anchored to a tough nylon base, and will comfortably handle all standard, stacked, and high-cap mags. For your convenience, the inserts are available in four separate configurations - four slots, five slots, eight slots, and ten slots. The eight- and ten-slot configurations simply feature another row of slots immediately behind those found on the original four- and five-slot units, a nifty little trick that lets you double your gun pack's magazine capacity without increasing the inserts' overall bulkiness at all!

These inserts are useful not only in other items offered by Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff, but in just about any other firearm storage products you might own, as well. Range bags, backpacks, safes, and pistol cases are all good candidates for our mag inserts (the four- and eight-slot inserts measure 8" x 4", and the five- and ten-slot inserts measure 10" x 4"). Mag inserts are particularly well-suited in the front pleated pocket of the Kickin' A Packs "Two-Gunner" deluxe pistol case.

If you're carrying concealed with a Tommy's gun pack or toting your weapons around in a range bag or carrying case, and need a straight-to-the-point, set-and-forget system for carrying your extra clips, a row of magazine inserts from Kickin' A Packs might just be the ticket.

Looking for a way to amp up your Tommy's gun pack? Magazine inserts are a no-brainer!

Compatible with a wide variety of other Kickin' A Packs products (including our D-Range Bag and our "Two-Gunner" deluxe pistol case)!

Integrate these magazine inserts into your current firearms transport and storage solutions! Will work in a plethora of other range bags, carrying cases, and gun safes!

Elastic nylon loops tightly hold onto all standard, stacked, and high-capacity magazines!

Thick nylon plate provides a stable anchor for the insert!

Four configurations to choose from! Select from either four-slot, five-slot, eight-slot, or ten-slot magazine inserts!


four-/eight-slot inserts: 8" x 4"

five-/ten-slot inserts: 10" x 4"