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The Tommy's Gun Pack SIDEKICK

The SIDEKICK offers lots of new things to see! Click the photo to see pics of all the SIDEKICK's many unique features and functions!

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The SIDEKICK represents the next step in the evolution of the weapon concealment pack!
PLEASE NOTE: Our gun packs are made to order, and for this reason WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING RETURNS on this item!!
Available Colors:
Price: $139.99
You save $40.00!

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days

Your Waist Size*:
NOTE: Though it is required you fill this out before submitting your order, understand that by default, the SIDEKICK is designed with dual belt loops to be used with your own belt. If you want a belt, you'll have to change the appropriate option below.


SIDEKICK Configuration*:

Gun Pack Style*:
NOTE: If you select "black" for the color of your pack, your pack will be solid black no matter what and this option has no bearing on how your pack will look. "Two-tone" means we will dye the front panel of the pleated pocket the selected cover while leaving the rest of the material black. "Supertone" is similar to two-tone, except only the top, bottom, and side panels of the pleated pocket are dyed (the front panel and the rest of the pack remain black). "Solid" indicates the entire pack is to be dyed the selected color, although the zippers, buckles, and belt webbing will remain black.



Because Every Hero Needs a SIDEKICK
We’ve really outdone ourselves this time. Yeah, yeah, it seems like we say that constantly but that’s because we’re constantly outdoing ourselves!! See? Not without reason! Look, we don’t have to hype the Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK – this baby speaks for itself! Suffice to say, these days it’s apparent Kickin’ A Packs ‘N Stuff is reaching new milestones in gun pack design by leaps and bounds, and we’re very proud of this brand-new innovation. And we’re pretty sure you folks are gonna dig it, too.

The Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK is a travel-sized version of our Original Tommy’s Gun Pack, built on the same core principles of discretion and ease of use. It was conceived as the ultimate self-defense solution for joggers, vacationers, business people, or anybody else in need of a pack with a much-reduced profile.

Small weapons, such as pepper spray canisters, stun guns, and compact/subcompact firearms typically chambered for .32, .380, and 9mm are ideal for the SIDEKICK, although we’ve created enough sizes to accommodate every kind of weapon.

New Look, Same Great Taste!
Though the gun pack looks meager, resting easily atop one’s palm, its fundamentals remain as heavy-duty as any pack we’ve ever made. Manufactured in the U.S. from world-class, 1000-denier nylon Cordura, the SIDEKICK boasts incredible resistance to both tearing (actual ripping of the yarns) and abrasion (fraying of the yarns due to applied friction). The gun pack can even be thrown into the washer for hassle-free maintenance.

Cordura is an artificial fiber that was first pioneered by DuPont, the American chemical company that pushed the possibilities of polymers well beyond what anybody could ever have hoped for back in the first half of the twentieth century. Polymers are molecular constructs made of chemical patterns that repeat over and over again.

These “loops” of molecules are held together by covalent bonds, which are a way for atoms to bond or “stick” to each other by sharing electrons. This is an extremely stable configuration and allows for polymers that can be drawn out into strong, lengthy yarns and then spun into woven, usable fabric.

Polymers are found in nature, but DuPont wanted to advance science beyond the limits of nature, and bullet-proof material like Kevlar, fire-retardant fabric such as Nomex, and perhaps the most well-known of DuPont’s synthetics, Cordura, were the result of their world-changing research. Many derivatives of nylon were developed out of the basic polymer, such as ballistic nylon and ripstop nylon.

We use Cordura to build the SIDEKICK because of its exceptional tensile strength at low weights, resistance to damage brought about by sunlight, oxygen, and solvents, and the material’s overall simplicity of assembly. Your pack will take good care of you even if you don’t take good care of your pack.

Seemly Seams, Hip Zips, and Svelte Belts
All seams are carefully double-stitched by hand to give ‘em a fighting chance at immortality. And the zippers are quadruple-stitched – unheard-of in this business – as they are an essential element of our patented draw mechanism and must be protected against wear and tear at all costs.

That’s also why we employ YKK’s legendary number 7 coil zippers on the SIDEKICK. These zippers glide so smoothly you literally can’t feel them working! Engineered with extreme durability in mind, only when unnatural stresses (read: abuse) are applied to them do they ever risk breaking… and even then it’s a long shot.

And rather than use pot metal zipper pulls, which make a lot of noise as you move and can give away your position in a dangerous situation where you’d rather remain unseen, we’ve implemented “stealth” zippers made of Cordura pull cords to neutralize your acoustic profile! Not to mention you won’t sound like Santa’s sleigh every morning as you come jogging down the sidewalk!

The Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK also differs radically from previous designs of ours in that it possesses no belt. Instead, the pack attaches to your own belt via two belt loops made of the highest quality heavyweight nylon webbing available. This webbing is rated with a breaking point of 7700 pounds, which is a tremendous amount of force that nothing save a large machine or a very, very large animal has any chance in achieving.

Earning its namesake through a very comfortable hip-mount design, the SIDEKICK was, in actuality, designed to attach to your waist at any point you desire – front, rear, or side – and all without you ever having to remove your belt! The belt loops attach via velcro that, once set, cannot be dislodged by hand unless deliberately detached from the inside of the belt.
Of course, for folks who don't wear a belt or prefer the look and feel of an integrated belt, we can also sew a heavy-duty 2" belt to your SIDEKICK instead of loops. It will be tailored to your waist size (with some room to adjust up or down as necessary) and is made of an incredibly resilient, super-tough polypropylene webbing. Should you so desire, you may also upgrade the belt to the same nylon webbing as the belt loops.
Additionally, two finishes are available for the nylon belt upgrade. "Glossflex" is very smooth to the touch, a bit reflective, extremely soft, and highly pliable. "Mattestock" is much darker in appearance, boasts a more pronounced texture (both visibly and tactilely), and is far stiffer. These finishes do not affect the durability of the webbing, only its feel and appearance.
Making Your Life Easier
Two auxiliary zippered pockets in front of the main weapon compartment render the pack’s outer appearance as completely innocuous. These pockets allow you to store personal belongings such as your wallet, keys, cell phone, day planner, flashlight, make-up, sunglasses, snacks – whatever! More than a gun pack, the SIDEKICK helps your life stay that much more organized!

The pack keeps your valuables in a safe, secure location and frees up your pockets for other things. You can also place a non-lethal weapon like pepper spray or a stun gun in one of these front pockets, and use the main weapon compartment for the more lethal ones, giving you a full complement of self-defense options. The possibilities are endless – with this kind of flexibility, you can configure the exceptionally versatile SIDEKICK to work with whatever you carry!

The center pocket contains two sewn-in mag holders for storing extra clips. When not in use, these holders conveniently lie flush with the rear of the compartment to make room for other items. The front pocket is especially ideal for an iPod or other mp3 player. Slip it in there, zip it up, and run the buds up to your ears for a little dancin’ in the streets – Tommy’s Gun Pack style!

The main zippered weapon compartment, nestled behind the two auxiliary pockets, is where you store your pepper spray, stun gun, or firearm for concealed carry. Unlike our Original Tommy’s Gun Pack, this compartment is oriented such that your weapon sits vertically inside the pack, rather than at a horizontal angle. This vertical orientation was key to minimizing the SIDEKICK’s overall profile without stripping it of its fundamental utility. And the deployment mechanism (the system which actually allows you to quickly and easily access your weapon in a self-defense scenario) has been faithfully transferred from our Original Gun Pack to the SIDEKICK.

When attaching the SIDEKICK to your belt via the loops, the head of the belt (you know, the part with the pointy tip and the holes in it) must be fed through the pack’s heavy-duty buckle, which will then lay flat along the curvature of the belt. If using the integrated belt, you just strap it to your waist like a normal belt pack - both buckles (the actual belt buckle and the quick-draw deployment buckle) are identical so as to avoid telegraphing the pack's purpose as a concealment device.

The buckles used on the SIDEKICK are crafted entirely of acetal resin, one of the strongest thermoplastics on Earth and also an invention of DuPont. Acetal is a polymer used by engineers in a multitude of high-stress applications such as containers for hazardous material disposal, pressurized liquid fuel canisters, and as a replacement for metal cams, bearings, gears, and housings in industrial machinery. Unbreakable? Just about. It has to be, after all!

Yay for Intellectual Property Laws!
Once your belt is fastened and the pack is situated on your personage, the weapon compartment can be accessed by grabbing the deployment buckle, detaching it, and pulling it away from the pack. This will cause the dual zippers to glide effortlessly in opposite directions, opening up the compartment for your drawing hand to access your weapon.

The buckle is large, easy to find, and even easier to operate, allowing anyone – and especially unpracticed folks with no self-defense training or experience – to get the hang of using the Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK within minutes of receiving it. Best yet, this means you don’t have to fret over whether or not you’re ready for a self-defense situation should one ever arise. You can deploy your weapon extremely quickly and with only one hand, even in the dead of night with limited or no visibility!

Simple but brilliant. Never done before and never done since. That’s why the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued patent # 5505355 for our design. You can take a look at what a bonafide U.S. patent looks like (ours, in particular) by clicking HERE.

The weapon compartment itself is heavily padded to protect your weapon and firmly sandwiches it between your body and the padded front zippered pockets. We figured there was no point sewing a holster in there when the more elegant solution was to focus on making the compartment itself as natural and secure a cradle for your weapon as possible!

PLEASE NOTE: Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff, Inc. cannot and does not recommend or guarantee the usage of the Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK as a means of protecting one’s self or others in a self-defense scenario of any kind. That said, the gun pack was certainly designed to allow for the possibility of fast and easy deployment of your weapon for self-defense purposes, although you do so completely at your own risk. Kickin’ A Packs ‘N Stuff, Inc. will not be liable in any way for any consequences that result from your use of the Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK - physical, legal, monetary, or otherwise.

Built Just Right, Just for You
The SIDEKICK is available in fifteen colors and three styles. Colors range from standard black to deep navy blue, vibrant mallard green to warm khaki, as well as digital camouflage, the current pattern of the U.S. military’s army combat uniform. You may select between a two-tone or solid-color design.

Two-tone is the classic Tommy’s Gun Pack design which should be familiar to any long-standing Kickin’ A customer, in which the front panel of the pack is dyed whereas the rest of the pack remains black. Solid-color packs are something we retired long ago and have recently resurrected, and this style allows you to dye the entire pack in the color of your choice. We think the solid-color style looks particularly good on the ultra-efficient design of the SIDEKICK

Four sizes are available to fit just about any weapon out there. The Extra Small measures to 5.5” x 5.5” of usable space in the main weapon compartment and is perfect for stun guns, pepper sprays, and the ultra-compact mouseguns (typically chambered for .22, .25, .32, or .380 caliber ammunition) manufactured by companies such as Seecamp, North American Arms, Ruger, Rohrbaugh, Kahr, Beretta, Davis Industries, and Kel-Tec.

The Small (6.5” x 5.5” usable), Medium (7.5” x 6.5” usable), and Large (8.5” x 6.5” usable) each roughly correspond, respectively, to the subcompact, compact, and full-size handgun designations, although to save us all some time and trouble, you should measure your firearm prior to ordering so there’s no question which size you need. For sizing info, click HERE.

The Possibilities of Tomorrow... Today
The Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK is not merely a variant on our original gun pack design. It’s a whole new kind of gun pack, built with a highly effective, ruthlessly no-nonsense contemporary aesthetic and a host of instantly-usable, practical features. It might just be our best gun pack ever.

The SIDEKICK was conceived to serve defense-minded citizens of a very tumultuous and unsettling world that is moving forward, relentlessly, at an exponentially dizzying rate. We’re not just talking high-def TV’s and laptops thinner than a pizza box here. The bad guys are improving their game, too. And Kickin’ A Packs ‘N Stuff is hard at work, daily striving to outpace the best they got.

Nobody has advanced the functionality and efficiency of the concealment pack like we have. The competition’s lost somewhere in the early ‘90s, when a holster sewn into an otherwise ordinary fanny pack was considered sufficient, even cutting-edge. We don’t have to keep improving our design to stay on top. But we do, because we’re innovators, through and through. That’s the work we enjoy best.

But we’re more than that – we’re also quality manufacturers and sticklers for detail. We do this ourselves because we don’t cut corners. We are the standard in this business. You won’t find a morecomplete and effective gun pack out there than the Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK.

We don’t push the envelope. We make it obsolete. Like e-mail.


Made to order in the United States! Southern California, to be precise!

The next generation of gun pack! A true milestone!

Travel-sized version of our Original Gun Pack! Reduced profile for unparalleled concealability!

The ultimate self-defense solution for joggers and vacationers, hunters and backpackers, students and businesspeople, civilians and LEO’s alike!

Ideal for small weapons such as folding knives, pepper spray, stun guns, tazers, and ultra-compact firearms!

Manufactured from world-class 1000-denier DuPont nylon Cordura!

Resists tearing and abrasion like nothing else!

Machine-washable for hassle-free maintenance!

Will not fade! Will not wear down! Completely immune to sunlight, oxygen, chemical solvents, grime, oil, mildew, and rot!

Double-stitched seams last virtually forever!

Mega-heavy-duty YKK number 7 coil zippers offer years of extremely durable, smooth-gliding zipper goodness!

Quadruple-stitched zippers rigorously tolerate even massive stress loads to keep on zippin’ – no matter what!

Stealth zipper pulls made of nylon Cordura neutralize your acoustic profile versus noisy, jangly pot metal zippers!

No belt! Use your own! Attaches via dual velcro belt loops made from heavyweight nylon webbing rated with a breaking point of 7700 pounds of force!

We can also build your SIDEKICK with an integrated 2" belt instead of belt loops! We'll even sew it to your waist size! Made of extremely durable polypropylene webbing!

Optionally, you may upgrade your belt to ultra-tough heavyweight nylon webbing!

If upgrading to a nylon belt, choose between either a "glossflex" or "mattestock" webbing finish!

Wear it where you want it – front, side, rear, wherever! Belt loops attach securely without ever having to remove your belt!

Two auxiliary zippered pockets with plenty of room for all your personal items!

Flexible configuration! Versatile pocket layout allows you to organize the pack with a dizzying array of self-defense weaponry!

Two sewn-in magazine holders for storing extra clips! When not in use, they collapse to keep out of the way!

Vertically-oriented, heavily padded main weapon compartment securely grips your weapon!

Heavy-duty deployment buckle made of acetal resin, an indestructible engineering-grade thermoplastic!

Easy-to-use, patented double-zipper breakaway draw mechanism for rapid access to your weapon!

Choose from among fifteen colors and three styles – either a two-tone or solid-color design!

Right- and left-handed models available!

Made in four distinct sizes – including Extra Small, the perfect pack for pepper spray canisters, stun guns, and mouseguns!

Lifetime guarantee on all material and workmanship!