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The Mag Insert

Simple, heavy-duty construction and efficient, back-to-back linking of the mag holders makes the Mag Insert useful for all kinds of items and accessories, not just magazines.

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Available to your specifications, the Mag Insert accommodates every magazine out there and is easily stored wherever you have the space free.
Price: $70.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days

Mag Insert*:


The Mag Insert is crafted from heavy-duty nylon and built by hand in the States. Its primary use is to hold magazines. Lots of them. Up to twenty in a single insert (the mag holders are available in back-to-back pairs, between two and twenty linked together on a single Mag Insert, as you need them). And then your Mag Insert sits somewhere nice and safe. Like a safe!!! Or a range bag, secure drawer, closet or strongbox, et cetera. Each mag holder is individually adjustable with a nylon strap (which can also be removed) in order to fit any magazine. That’s right, universal mag holders! Single-stack, double-stack, high-capacity… even non-magazine items such as knives, flashlights, tools, or other accessories -- you name it, the Mag Insert eats it for breakfast. So to say. As nylon does not have any actual nutritional needs. Regardless, if you require something light, robust, adaptable, and portable to keep your magazine collection dust-free and worry-free, Kickin’ A Packs has your fortunate posterior covered. Hey, it even has a lifetime guarantee!!!! Peace of mind through polymers. Thank you, DuPont.


Made in America!!!!

Crafted from heavy-duty nylon!

Built by hand!

Holds magazines – LOTS OF THEM!!

Universal mag holders – fits single-stack, double-stack, and high-cap magazines!

Individually adjustable mag holders via a velcro nylon webbing strap!

Each strap can be removed as desired!

Up to twenty mag holders in one Mega-Mag Insert (mag holders available in pairs between two and twenty)!

Keeps your spare magazines dust-free and worry-free by being easily storable in a safe, strongbox, etc!

Also effective for storing other non-magazine items like knives, flashlights or laser accessories, and tools!

Lifetime Kickin’ A guarantee on all materials and workmanship!