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The "Elite" All-American Tommy's Gun Pack

Not only does this pack look good, but it works even better!!!! We build the All-American Gun Pack with obsessive attention to detail and the best manufacturing techniques known to humankind.

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There's no question. The All-American Tommy's Gun Pack is the new standard of ultimate. We reckon you won't find a better concealment holster anywhere.
PLEASE NOTE: Our gun packs are made to order, and for this reason WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING RETURNS on this item!!
List Price: $162.99
Price: $162.99
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Availability: Made to Order - Usually Ships in 3-10 Business Days

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You only need to specify a belt length if you are ordering a belt LESS THAN 36" long.

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For sizing info, click the big flaming button up at the top of the page that says "Click Here for Sizing Info." You will be taken to a handy diagram that will explain exactly how to size the gun pack for your weapon.

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The All-American Tommy's Gun Pack is a handcrafted, premium off-body carry holster unlike anything you've encountered. At Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff, the industry's definitive gun concealment experts continue to innovate and improve upon our current world-class craftsmanship and unmatchable features. Our primary purchasing demographic are active and retired law enforcement. Daily use either in the field or in an off-duty backup situation requires precision manufacturing with careful consideration paid to ergonomic accessibility and smooth, reliable functionality based upon the most rugged materials and heaviest-duty components we can find. The All-American Tommy's Gun Pack has all this and more. It is our toughest, most dependable gun pack ever.

The manufacturing process begins with 1000-denier nylon, polyurethane open-cell foam, and good ol' fashioned elbow grease. We have always prided ourselves on building packs one at a time and not merely overseeing a room of pneumatic robots cutting them out from a mold. The heavy-duty 1000-denier nylon is easy to clean and maintain. As well, it is extremely tough and able to shrug off UV rays, chemical solvents, temperature extremes, and even moisture build-up without susceptibility to rot, mildew, or molecular breakdown. Nylon is resistant to both abrasion and tearing, and hence perfectly safe for all firearm finishes. Polyurethane foam is utilized to pad the hidden weapon compartment and protect the concealed gun from minor scuffs, bumps, and shock damage typical of daily continuous use.

The All-American Tommy's Gun Pack employs a one-size-fits-all belt, adjusting for waist sizes between 36 and 48 inches. If a belt longer than 50 inches is required, a twelve-inch extender must be ordered (you don't have to use the full twelve inches of adjustment, and the webbing and buckles are identical to those used on the rest of the pack).

The belt webbing is the strongest nylon weave we've ever used, handmade with a double straight cross-stitch that provides a rated breaking force of 8000 pounds as well as amazingly soft tactile comfort. A rock-solid stable deployment platform, this belt can be worn indefinitely, for hours on end, without the weight of the gun pack or the edge of the webbing itself eliciting undue stress or discomfort along the waist or in the lower back or abdomen. It's really quite amazing stuff and is a major element in the All-American Gun Pack's superior design.

The belt webbing is further bolstered through a cross-stitch reinforcement on the rear of the pack. This is a considerable alteration to our standard gun pack design and guarantees that no force – even the wear and tear of time – will be able to separate the belt from the body of the gun pack. An internal square cross-stitch unites the zipper, the nylon material, and the nylon webbing for an industry-first triple reinforcement of the belt. The entire pack is double-stitched with monofilamental nylon thread for an impeccable standard of quality and professionalism. This gun pack will never fall apart and that is the sort of peace of mind you can only get from Kickin' A expertise and ingenuity!

The YKK #8 coil zippers are industrial-grade, self-repairing units with molded metal teeth for long-lasting resilience. All zippers are quadruple-stitched for maximum durability. The All-American Tommy's Gun Pack boasts Cordura stealth zipper pulls as a standard feature, providing noiseless movement by way of nylon pulls as opposed to the significant acoustic profile presented by molded copper pulls which tend to “jingle” as one moves about or uses the zippers. The All-American Tommy's Gun Pack features identical buckles on either side of the pack in order to prevent the telegraphing of the gun pack as a concealed carry device.

The buckles are WARRIOR buckles, notable for their rugged hammerhead center guide prong and molded nylon construction. The side tabs are reinforced to resist tensile breakage and wear through repeated usage. WARRIOR buckles are heat-set in an amide bath before polymerization, giving them a much broader range of potential operating environs than standard nylon buckles. The buckles on the All-American Tommy's Gun Pack are as unaffected by boiling water as they are by frozen water. That makes this gun pack the most tactically versatile concealment device we have ever built.

Currently, the All-American Tommy's Gun Pack is available in three sizes. The pack comes in a sleek matte black and the deployment buckle (the buckle used to actually open the gun compartment) will be located on the same side as your drawing hand. The other buckle, opposite the deployment buckle, attaches and detaches the heavy-duty belt and is not part of the deployment system. The All-American Gun Pack is not an ambidextrous design and is available in right- and left-handed configurations.

The patented deployment mechanism of the Tommy's Gun Pack design remains identical on the All-American Gun Pack. To open the gun compartment, simply release the deployment buckle and pull forward on the buckle, parallel with the ground. The double-breakaway zippers will split in opposite directions, exposing the grip of the firearm for rapid presentation in a self-defense scenario.

That's all there is to it. Release the buckle and pull forward on it. Sounds easy? You bet!!! You can use our gun pack even in total darkness, with both hands in a cross-draw or just one hand if necessary (either your strong hand or your off hand), and with virtually no practice required to attain maximum performance. Not only that, but you get all that brilliant usability right out of the box, with no flimsy lanyard pullstrings, awkward flaps of material, or cheap, noisy velcro strips to indicate to everybody that the thing on your belt is NOT, in fact, a regular everyday waist pack.

Of course, anyone who's ever used one of our gun packs knows they're far more than cleverly camouflaged holsters. The All-American Tommy's Gun Pack can help keep your everyday life in order, too! The All-American Gun Pack includes two additional zippered pockets in front of the main gun compartment for auxiliary storage purposes. The foremost pocket is flat and really more of a sleeve, and is a great place to stash your cell phone, ID, or CCW permit. The center zippered pocket is pleated (meaning three-dimensional) and is where many Tommy's Gun Pack aficionados store their wallet, keys, medications, or other personal effects. Additionally, the All-American Gun Pack contains four integrated nylon-elastic universal magazine holders sewn into the center pocket, able to fit single- and double-stack clips. These loops lay flush against the rear of the compartment when not in use, and are also handy for holding things that aren't magazines, such as knives or flashlights.

The All-American Gun Pack is highly concealable and highly usable. It is built to last forever and to endure all the extremes of any operating environment. With professional-grade features like 8000-lb rated nylon belt webbing, 1000-denier heavyweight nylon construction, careful cross-stitch triple reinforcement of the belt, the best buckles and zippers on the market, double- and quadruple-seamed monofilamental nylon thread, and the smoothest, simplest concealed weapon deployment system of its kind... it's no wonder the All-American Tommy's Gun Pack is the new standard in ultimate.


Our toughest, most dependable gun pack ever!

Handcrafted one at a time!

World-class manufacturing and an unbeatable feature set!

Built to serve the demanding needs of active and retired law enforcement!

Cut from 1000-denier nylon!

Abrasion- and tear-resistant!

Safe for all firearm finishes!

Easy to clean and maintain!

Resists breakdown due to UV rays, chemical solvents, temperature extremes, and moisture buildup!

Will not rot or mildew!

Polyurethane foam pads the gun compartment and shields your weapon from bumps, scuffs, and minor shock damage!

Impeccably double-stitched with monofilamental nylon thread!

One-size-fits-all belt (accommodates 36”–48” waist size) with extenders available for 50+” sizes!

Employs the strongest belt webbing we've ever used!

Double straight cross-stitch weave provides the belt with an 8000-lb rated breaking force!

Super soft tactile comfort! Wearable for hours on end!

Triple reinforcement of the belt! Unites the zipper seam, nylon material, and belt webbing into a single maniacally strong, unbreakable square cross-stitch!

Self-repairing, industrial-grade YKK #8 coil zippers with molded metal teeth!

All zippers are quadruple-stitched!

Cordura stealth zipper pulls included standard! These zipper pulls provide noiseless movement via soft nylon pulls versus the “jingley” copper zipper pulls!

Identical molded nylon buckles avoid telegrahing the gun pack's purpose as a concealed carry device!

WARRIOR buckles with rugged hammerhead center guide and tensile-reinforced side tabs!

Heat-set amide polymerization of the buckles gives them unparalleled resistance to temperatures ranging from 25° to 225° Fahrenheit!

Available in three sizes!

Available in right- and left-handed configurations!

Sleek matte black aesthetic!

Patented deployment mechanism (USTPO #5505355)!

Easy to use! Just release the buckle and pull forward! Double breakaway zippers split in opposite directions to expose the concealed firearm for clean, rapid presentation!

Usable right out of the box!

Deploy your weapon quickly and easily even in total darkness or with one hand (both strong or weak side drawing)!

Virtually no practice required to attain maximum performance with the gun pack!

Two additional zippered pockets for auxiliary storage!

Four integrated nylon-elastic magazine holders sewn into the center zippered compartment!

Lifetime Kickin' A warranty on materials and workmanship!