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The MagBuddy4Rifles is designed to sit in a range bag or gun safe, and makes organizing and transporting AR or AK clips a breeze!

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The MagBuddy4Rifles is just one of those things you've gotta have. Bridging the gap between the comparatively larger mass storage medium of ammo boxes and the sheer portability of magazines, the MagBuddy4Rifles lets you focus less on how to carry all your gear and more on actually using it!!!
Price: $99.99

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 10 Business Days

Rifle MagBuddy*:


Our original MagBuddy is one of the most popular accessories we ever conceived. Now, it's time for another Kickin' A exclusive... the innovative MagBuddy4Rifles! Available in back-to-back pairs between 2 and 20 slots, these mag holders are individually adjustable to fit 10, 20, 30, even 40-round clips!!! All AR and AK clips will fit into the versatile MagBuddy4Rifles, no problem!

Proudly and skillfully made by us in America, the MagBuddy4Rifles can be easily lifted out of a range bag, as well as placed back into it, by way of a tough, quad-stitched rubberized nylon handle. The MagBuddy4Rifles is also right at home in a gun safe or other secure storage site. Of course, the MagBuddy4Rifles can also be used to store knives, lights, laser accessories, scopes or other sighting gear, tools, personal effects... whatever you like!

The MagBuddy4Rifles is a unique and effective companion for any afternoon at the range and once you've used one, you'll really come to appreciate how much time we spend into designing and testing gear to make your life easier. In fact, you're likely to wonder how in the heck you've been doing this for so long without one of these babies!!!


Made in the States!

Cut from 1000-denier nylon!

Removable rack of rifle magazine holders, individually adjustable to fit 10, 20, 30, and even 40-round AR and AK clips!

Lifts out of and goes back into a range bag or gun safe via an integrated, quad-stitched rubberized nylon handle!

Available in pairs in between 2 and 20 slots!

Not just for magazines! Works well for knives, tactical lights or lasers, scopes, tools, and personal effects!

Makes life down at the range a whole lot easier!

Lifetime Kickin' A warranty on all materials and workmanship!