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The "Elite" All-American Tommy's Gun Pack The Low-Pro Tommy's Gun Pack SIDEKICK
List Price: $162.99
Price: $162.99
Sale Price!! : $99.99
You save $63.00!
Price: $129.99
You save $30.00!
The All-American Gun Pack is highly concealable and highly usable. It is built to last forever and to endure all the extremes of any operating environment. With professional-grade features like 8000-lb rated nylon belt webbing, 1000-denier heavyweight nylon construction, careful cross-stitch triple reinforcement of the belt, the best buckles and zippers on the market, double- and quadruple-seamed monofilamental nylon thread, and the smoothest, simplest concealed weapon deployment system of its kind... it's no wonder the All-American Tommy's Gun Pack is the new standard in ultimate.

The venerable Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK was designed to provide all the features and benefits of utilizing a Tommy’s Gun Pack with the additional advantage of a highly compact, innocuous profile resembling a phone or camera pack. The Low-Pro SIDEKICK further advances this concept with a hyper-streamlined profile, achieved by removing the center zippered compartment entirely and maintaining only the gun pouch and the front pocket for extra belongings. If it looks nothing like the world’s premier off-body carry device and more like a Blackberry case, then it appears we’ve done our job!

The Original Tommy's Gun Pack The Low-Pro Tommy's Gun Pack
Price: $137.99
SALE PRICE: $99.99
You save $38.00!
Price: $129.99
SALE PRICE: $99.99
You save $30.00!

The trick to getting the Original Tommy’s Gun Pack to become accepted as the definitive off-body carry device was its superior draw mechanism. Other gun packs are built to poor, downright sloppy standards. It’s supposed to be good enough that there’s a fanny pack with a holster in it, and if they give you some flimsy strings to help you get the thing open, you should be grateful – even impressed! Well, the Tommy’s Gun Pack is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. A patented double-zipper breakaway draw mechanism makes opening the weapon compartment a breeze right from the moment you strap it on. No practice necessary! Fifteen colors (with three optional designs to pick from), four sizes, and a host of options to expand the functionality of the pack rounds out the hands-down best gun pack ever invented.

Sometimes less is more. That’s why we developed the Low-Pro Tommy’s Gun Pack, a slimmed-down, lower profile variant of our Original Tommy’s Gun Pack. The Low-Pro is made to order, one at time, in the USA, with all the care and quality of our other gun packs but none of the extra bulk! A front zippered pocket offers the bare minimum in auxiliary storage space so you can keep those vital essentials close at hand. The Low-Pro is specially shaped and internally padded to neutralize the visible profile of your firearm and provide unmatched concealability.

The Tommy's Gun Pack SIDEKICK
Price: $139.99
You save $40.00!

The Tommy’s Gun Pack SIDEKICK was initially conceived as a super-compact version of the Original Tommy’s Gun Pack for use with itty bitty mouseguns – ultra-compact firearms designed for deep concealment and usually chambered for small calibers like .22 or .380. Once we got the ball rollin’, however, we just couldn’t stop until we’d squeezed every ounce of potential from this pack! With a fresh, modern look, a comprehensive selection of four sizes, and the same patented quick-draw mechanism you’ve come to love, the SIDEKICK is truly a one-of-a-kind.